We are Evangelists

"But go, tell..” Mark 16:7a

Dear Sent Christians:        


                    The women went to the grave that Sunday morning expecting to see a sealed grave of death. And yet when they arrived the grave was open, the massive stone door was rolled away. As they entered the grave they saw an angel of the Lord sitting inside declaring that Jesus, who was crucified is not there but risen. As amazed and fearful as that vision must have been for those women, they go forth with a command to go and tell. They become the first evangelists of a great message; death is not the final word. They now know for a fact that life has changed, because there is God’s gift of resurrection. This amazing moment changed those followers’ lives forever. They went and shared the message with the world.

                    This celebration of life is still an amazing gift to all of us, and we are called on in this Easter season to still go and tell. Go and tell the glory of the victory over death, the promise of life and the freedom won for us in Jesus Christ.

He is not here – He is risen. He is RISEN INDEED!               Happy Easter,

                                                                                                                                                                                    Pastor Kirk Griffin