Transforming Christians

“and while Jesus was praying,

the appearance of his face


and his clothes became

dazzling white.”

                 Luke 9:29


Dear Transforming Believers:


         Transfiguration is coming! That’s right, as we continue through this season of Epiphany, we are looking up the mountain towards the peak of transfiguration. This year, on the last Sunday of February, we read the story about the time Peter, James and John, journeyed up the mountain and saw the transfiguration of our Lord. At that special moment, just as Jesus is transformed into full glory, they had their eyes opened, seeing before them the great lawgiver, Moses, as well as the great preacher of prophecy, Elijah. Furthermore they knew that at that moment they were in the midst of the presence of the Lord.


         What would have happened if those three disciples would not have taken that hike up that hill? It probably was not easy. They had been called aside to travel this special path with Jesus, standing out from everyone else to do something different. They had to climb a mountain not knowing where they were going or what was going to happen when they got there. They had to trust Jesus, when he said, “Come, follow me.” But because Peter, James and John opened themselves up to doing something different, standing out, risking the unknown, they were able to receive this epiphany moment of God’s revelation.


         As a congregation, we are called on to follow this same path. We no longer can stay at the bottom of the hill feeling comfortable and complacent. God is calling us to do something different, stand out, risk doing something we do not know or have not done before so that we may rise up and see the glory of God in this place.


         This month, the St. Mark Future Task Force group is praying and seeking where God is leading us as a congregation. Each of you are a part of that journey. We will be seeking your help and input through surveys and questionnaires. Together we can journey on this climb doing the Lord’s work. It may not be easy, just as I am sure, it was not for Peter, James and John. But by faith, may we experience that same eye opening journey of faith and witness the true glory of God in this place.


                                                                                                       In the peace and grace of God,   

                                                                                                                              Pastor Kirk Griffin