Together we are St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church!


We have in-building worship on Saturdays at 5:30pm 

and 9:00 am Sundays.

Due to Covid-19, these worship services will be limited to mostly

spoken worship and non-communion.

Please wear a mask, keep appropriate spacing,

and seat in designated seats.


Please call 717-637-8904 for any needs, information or questions you may have.  

Welcome to

St. Mark Lutheran Church

A Message from Our Pastor

We give thanks that your life’s journey has brought you here to visit with us today. Please use this opportunity to get to know us and in turn we would love to get to know you. Look around a bit and become acquainted with the diverse ministries and exciting lives of St. Mark Lutheran.


If while you are getting to know us, you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you. Then, when you feel comfortable, come for a personal visit. We will welcome you just as we are: in the office, at worship, or during some other ministry activity.


God has truly blessed us both with a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other and to continue together in our faith journey. May it flourish and deepen our life as God’s people.


May God’s peace be with you today and always.

Rev. Kirk Griffin, Pastor

Join Us

We welcome you to visit us.

If you are visiting for the first time, we would love a chance to explain just exactly who we are. Come as you are and join us for our traditional Sunday worship. Stay for cookies and conversation afterward.

Come in and talk or pray or both.

Find peace.

First Communion &

New Member Classes

Everyone who is interested in becoming a member of St. Mark, please talk to Pastor Kirk.  Similarly, all those interested in receiving their first communion, please talk to Pastor Kirk.  If you cannot catch him after worship, just call the church office at 717-637-8904 or his cell phone at 717-808-1986 or email him at prkirk129@gmail.com.

What Else is Going On?

Want to see what is happening at St. Mark, around our community or nearby Synod events?

Click the "Go to Things to Do at St. Mark" link  to the right.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2020


This year, we are partnering with St. Paul's on York Street to provide attendees, 3 years old through 5th grade, with an online VBS.


The theme this year is Secret Messages from God.

When Jesus lived amng us, he often told stories ddabout everyday things like farming, cleaning, and searching for a treasure.

These parables were actually secret messages with clues to the way God wants us to live ... instructions on how to live our best life. We are called to follow and share with others these secret messages from God as Special Agents of Jesus.


Join us online Monday, August 10th, through Thursday, August 13th for a prerecorded opportunity to hear one of Jesus' parables and decipher its secret message. Each day, we will also have songs, games, a craft, and snack time.*

* Tote bags with all the necessary suppliesvwill be available for pickup at either St, Mark or at St. Paul's on York Street.

On Friday at 10am, we will celebrate the week with a LIVE EVENT!** 

** The event will be recorded and available to be enjoyed at any time throughout the day.


To register, click the 'Register for VBS'  button below. Then, when the St. Paul's Children and Youth page opens, click the dark blue "Click to Register" button just below the big green oval at the top of the page. This will open the registration page where you complete the form. When the form is completed, click the Submit button.

Regular Service Times

Saturday 5:30 pm - Spoken Service

Sunday 9:00am - Traditional Service

Sunday School

   Nursery 10:20-11:00

   Elementary 10:20-11:20

   Middle / Confirmation with Pastor


Our Bible Study with the Pastor occurs on Friday mornings from 10:30am – 12 Noon.


We are studying the Gospel of Matthew. Bibles, study materials, and coffee are provided.

Have questions?

We are happy to answer them. 

Feel free to reach out to us with anything you need. Use the phone number at the bottom of the page or submit a Contact Us request.


Office Hours:

Monday through Friday, 11am-3:00pm

October 31, 1517 - Martin Luther nails his 95 Theses to the door of Castle church at Wittenberg, Germany. The theses call for an intellectual debate about the sale of indulgences by the Roman Catholic Church.

January 1521 - Luther refuses to cease his teachings and is excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. In May, Charles V signs the Edict of Worms, declaring Luther an outlaw.