Stewards of Blessing

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. ”    1 Peter 4:10

Blessed with the Godly creation of life and goodness, we strive to manage the many gifts bestowed to us and to use the opportunities of time and experiences to the best of our ability as stewards of God’s gifts.

We do this ministry of stewards of blessings by:

  • Maintaining and improving the grounds, building and the spaces that all belong to God.
  • Managing and using the resources of finances to best lift up the ministry of God’s Word.
  • Offering opportunities for others to grow in their dedication and commitment to be stewards of the many blessings God has first bestowed on them.

Mutual Ministry

2019 Report

Serves as human resources advisor for the Pastor. The work of this committee remains confidential.

Property Ministry

2019 Report

Enlarged & repainted preschool room.

New area for sewing room.

New door in Willow Street hallway & new door to protect preschool children.

New handicapped accessible doors on Willow Street entrance.


Upcoming in 2020:

Trouble with air in pipes and in heating Pastor's office and office coordinator's area.

New doors to beinstalled on Allegheny side of Bell tower entrance.

Finance Ministry

2019 Report/Accomplishments:

   - Finished 2019 in the black.

   - Completed 2018 Audit - no                      findings

   - Funded new doors for Willow                Street door.

   - Funded new doors for Fellowship          Hall

   - Funded new circulation pump for          heating system.


Monthly Meeting – 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00pm

(No meeting planned for July or December)

Committee Activities

Oversee financial matters to include:

o   Budget preparation

o   Budget tracking

o   Ensure bills are paid

o   Ensure weekly givings are            recorded and deposited

o   Conduct monthly                            reconciliation

o   Coordinate annual financial          audit

Audit Committee

2019 Report

No areas of concern and no discrepancies found in any documents -- all in good order.

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