Uniting Part Two

Dear Concerned Faithful:

Before "Harvey" the news was filled with what divides us. They were reporting on protests on the far right and protests on the far left. The media was striving to find whatever was the worse in society. It seemed like they were just looking for any scenes of hatred and violence that they could show so as to make for supposed “exciting” television. Anything that could get viewers to switch from the violent video games and gory television shows to watch the live action that their cameras pointed out. That was last week – before “Harvey”

This week we have stories of unity, of compassion, of heroism. With the onslaught of the rains from hurricane Harvey, we have witnessed the story of historic floods to parts of Texas and Louisiana areas. In those images of flood victims and destruction, we see the worst that nature can bring upon a people. Loss of businesses, homes, schools, shopping districts, churches, communities and worse of all the feeling of security have all been imposed on the people of that region. But in those dark hours, with rain, wind and despair all around, the people of Texas and Louisiana and other states have come together to reach out to others in need. Government and civil authorities and volunteers have poured out their love for their fellow man/woman/child/and even pets by coming to the aid of those in need, who ever they may be, what ever race, background, educational level, economic level. In this flood everyone has became a neighbor.

What a beautiful image to hold onto. Even in our worst moments, our humanity and care for each other shines forth. That is what it means to be united, to care for each other, to be neighbors.

In Peace,

Pastor Kirk Griffin