Thankful Children

“Strength and dignity are her clothing,
        and she laughs at the time to come.”        

Proverbs 31:25

Dear Thankful Children:

                Since this weekend is Mother’s Day, I thought it was fitting to talk about it here in my pastor’s pondering. Now we all know that not all women are mothers, just as not all mothers are good women. But, we all do know women that were good mothers to us. These are the women we lift up in our prayers with honor and thanksgiving this weekend. These women are the ones that have loved us and raised us. They taught and shared what they knew with us. They set us on the path to discovering ourselves, making us think and work and grow. They gave of their time, resources, energy and will, so that we would be lacking nothing. They loved us and cared for, supporting us in all ways. These might not all be our biological mothers. They could be our aunts, sisters, grandmothers, neighbors, schoolteachers, church teachers, friends or adoptive caregivers. Whoever they are, every one of them is a part of the motherhood of women that inspired us to become who we are today.

                In Chapter 31 of Proverbs the writer has a section entitled, “Ode to the Capable Wife.” Within that section is an all-encompassing description of the wonders of what a woman does for her family. In verse 25, highlighted above, the claim is made that this ideal woman wears her strength and dignity like clothing and she laughs at the times to come. That first image of strength and dignity is a beautiful way to describe the power of these women that can move us and guide us and give us love. We know them and see in them the strength they have to overcome all things, to care and love even when no one else would. They are the ones who show respect and honor to others, seen in the dignity by which they lead their lives. Yet even with all this, the best part of the quote is the part that says they “can laugh at time to come”. They can laugh, because they are ready. They know that they have done everything they could to help their loved ones, to protect and guide and minister and raise us. They know that whatever may be coming the next day or next week, it will not destroy us, because they have prepared us and given of their strength and dignity.

                These are the women we honor this weekend.  Remember even as we may be apart from loved ones, from neighbors, from friends, that we can still give thanks and honor these women of our lives. Give thanks, for them and for their strength and dignity that prepared you for whatever it is you face today and tomorrow.  

                                                                                                    In the peace and grace of God,                             

                                                                                                           Pastor Kirk Griffin