06/2016 - Use Your Faith

Dear Working Witnesses:

“Here I am Lord, you called me.” 1 Samuel 3:5

I have a Pentel Energel Pen that I just love. Someone let me borrow theirs once and it wrote so smooth, that I knew I wanted one, so they gave me one. But sadly it ran out of ink the other day. I still carry it in my shirt pocket, because well, that is where I always carry it. But then when I go to use it, I remember that it won’t work. I put the point to paper and nothing comes out. I can click it all I want and shake it, but without ink, that pen does nothing. So I put it back in my pocket and think to myself someday I will get some ink. How many of us are like this with our faith. We at one time liked it so much that we were baptized, confirmed and joined a church. It just felt right and we used our faith and we were active and alive. But then one day we realized that we just carry our faith around with us in our pocket, because well, that is what we have always done. Someday perhaps we will get active again, care, get involved, share, use the gifts God has given us. One day I will get around to it. The church has the same problem. St. Mark is a wonderful instrument of witness. But unless we allow God to empower us to be used in new and wonderful ways, then the big stone church just sits looking good but useless. I give thanks for all those, as proven by this newsletter, that are still flowing in the ink of faith and I challenge others to get around to it once again. Use your faith today. In the Peace and Grace of God,

Pastor Kirk Griffin

P.S. By the way I bought ink refills.

​June 2016