Spirit Filled Christians

Suddenly from heaven there came a sound

like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house

where they were sitting. Divided tongues,

as of fire, appeared among them,

and a tongue rested on each of them.

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit...

Acts 2:2-4a

Dear Spirit Filled Christians:

      So picture that scene of Pentecost. The followers of Christ are there in the house, gathered together waiting. According to the previous chapter, we know there were at least one hundred and twenty, if not more disciples by this time gathered together in Jerusalem. And yet they had not begun to become the evangelists, preachers or teachers.  Instead they were just a group of faithful that hoped and waited.

      They were gathered together in Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, the holy City that David had built, the place where Jesus had been crucified. These men and women were together as Jesus the risen Savior had told them to do, waiting for the coming Advocate. They had been told to go and wait. They had seen the risen Lord and believed, yet Jesus had left them to ascend up to heaven and they were told to wait.

      Waiting is hard. The anticipation can make people edgy. Waiting for something to happen makes a person very anxious. Imagine how uneasy those disciples were as they waited. They were not a church yet. They simply had been students, followers, learners of the one that had risen to heaven and said to them wait.  And so they waited, even while the city officials heard rumors that the one they had killed was now alive, resurrected from the dead. And they waited, even as pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean came back to Jerusalem for the festival of wheat, the festival the Jews called Pentecost. And they waited, even as businesses, shopkeepers, families and the temple itself started to fill up and get ready for this big holiday. Jerusalem was starting to get crowded once again, just as it had been a few weeks ago at Passover. But yet they waited.   

      Then it happened. Like a “violent wind” the Spirit came upon them. Filled with the Spirit, they went forth speaking in many languages, teaching and telling people about Jesus, the Love of God, and the offer of salvation. Their waiting was finally over and it was like a burst of wind moving them to explode out, sharing the message and celebrating God’s joy.

     How long have you been waiting. Are you feeling anxious, on edge, wanting something to happen? The Holy Spirit is still coming. Pentecost is still happening right now today. In baptism we are filled with the Spirit and given that celebration of joy and peace. May we know that no matter how long the wait, we are still filled and with God’s Spirit. May in your waiting, the Spirit fill you and renew you in faith, peace and joy.  

                                                                                                      In the peace and grace of God,   

                                                                                                                              Pastor Kirk Griffin