Prepared for Easter

“On the first day of the week, very early

in the morning, the women took the spices

they had prepared and went to the tomb..”   

                            Luke 24:1

 Dear Faithful Christians:

Are you prepared? Today, right now, at this moment we are right on the edge. The past is gone and the gift of what is yet to come is about to break anew. Are you ready for this tremendous moment?

On that Holy weekend, the women that Luke talks about in chapter 24 of his Gospel were right at that point. The past sinfulness they had travelled through was over and the new life that they yet did not know was about to break out in glory and radiant joy.

In their moment, they prepared themselves. They had stood in the courtyard and heard the false witnesses make outrageous claims about Jesus. They had heard the hatred. They had witnessed the vile loathing that poured out over the mob. They had seen the evil darkness cover the faces of the people. They had felt the cold shivers as the crowds shouted, “Crucify!”

                        These same women stood at the foot of the cross on that dark Friday, when the soldiers hammered the nails through Jesus’ hands, tearing fleshing and bone apart. The women heard the weight of his body sagging down with his breath squeezed out as they hoisted the cross up dropping it into place on Calvary. They heard Jesus speak his last words of forgiveness and promise. They saw him die and the earth shake and the sky turn black.

                        Then they went home mourning in sadness preparing for what comes next. They prepared themselves over the Sabbath day of rest. They collected the ointments and cut strips of cloth for a proper burial of cleansing and wrapping that was coming. They had witnessed and lived through the sins and pains of this world and were now prepared for the grave, for darkness, for death. They had prepared themselves to confront death not knowing that they were on the edge of something tremendously great – the life over death – Jesus’ Resurrection.

                        This Holy Week, prepare yourself. Travel the spiritual path in worship on Palm Sunday, through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, preparing yourself, knowing where we have been and the darkness and sins of our past. And celebrate the victory and goodness of what is coming. God opens the grave and in that moment death is conquered. Easter is coming, the glory of that moment we have been awaiting. Get ready, prepare yourself and rejoice!

                                                                                                 In the peace and grace of God,                                                                                                                                               Pastor Kirk Griffin