Look to the Light

“You did not choose me

but I chose you.

And I appointed you

to go and bear fruit…”

  - John 15:16a

Dear Called and Baptized:

              On January 6th, the church celebrates the Festival of the Epiphany, the day that marks the arrival of the magi to Bethlehem. These star gazing men may have traveled hundreds of miles, if not over a thousand miles, all for one purpose; to see the one that the heavens have glorified. They came laden with gifts, seeking to worship the anointed one. They travel asking where they may find “the one who has been born king of the Jews.”

          They hear a calling to seek out Jesus, overcoming great distance and time, to kneel before him and worship. It is interesting to note that they acknowledge by their questioning that they were seeking to find the one they did not know. They knew that there must be someone or something at the end of their journey, yet they went not knowing for how long or where they may end up. They recognized the calling and followed.

           The season of Epiphany for Christians is a reminder of our own callings. Each of you are called, chosen by God. In the baptismal waters you are changed, no longer a child of this world, but a child of God forever. You are marked by the seal of the Holy Spirit and reborn as a witness to the glory of God forever.

            This great gift of baptism, is just like a star that shines in the heavens. It is a sign to you through your entire life, that God is calling you to follow and seek the one who is the anointed, the chosen messiah, the King everlasting. We are like those magi, traveling many miles in life, never knowing exactly what will happen tomorrow or how difficult it might get, but we follow that sign that is always before us showing us the way to God. We can take confidence, just like those magi, knowing that our journey of life has a final destination. We may not know when or how but we will come to that day when we kneel in the presence of God and rejoice in worship.

         As we enter into this New Year, as we traverse the scripture of Epiphany, as we hope to return soon to in-building worship, we look to that one who shines the way. Look to the gift of your baptism and light of Jesus Christ, who cuts through all things and assures us of our calling as sons and daughters of God forever.

                                                                             In the peace and grace of God,                                                                                                      Pastor Kirk Griffin