"On entering the house, they saw

the child with Mary his mother;

and they knelt down and paid him

Homage.”    Matthew 2:11

 Dear Seekers of God:

     On Sunday, January 6th, we enter the church season of Epiphany. The twelve days of Christmas come to a close with the celebration of the arrival of the magi to the child Jesus. According to St. Matthew’s gospel, these magi came following a star that they had seen when it first rose in the night. This must have been a special star that was different from anything they had seen before, because when they saw it they knew that the heavens had changed and that the earth was blessed with the birth of someone great.

            So these magi followed, traveling the roads from the East towards where the star led them. They believed and had so much faith that the creation itself was pointing out a great event, that they risked much to come and see the one who would be revealed to them. Finding the child Jesus, they recognize him as special, as holy, as sacred. From all the other children, from all the other people, from all the rest of the world, they knew that this one child was born for greatness.

            Upon their arrival they paid homage, kneeling down and honoring this child for the glory that he would fulfill. Up to this point, Jesus had not yet walked on water, healed anyone, preached one sermon, made water into wine, or overcome death and the grave, and yet they worshipped him knowing that he would be truly the gift to the world. In fact, they brought him gifts of gold worthy of a king, and gifts of frankincense and myrrh worthy of a sacrifice in death to atone for the sins of humanity. By their acts of seeking, recognizing and honoring the child, Jesus, they reveal the true nature of Jesus, God incarnate, born to save, King of kings and Lord almighty.

            They made manifest to all the grandeur of this moment that changed the world. This is Epiphany, the manifestation of Jesus, not only as a human baby born in Bethlehem but also as God Almighty, Creator, Redeemer, Savior.

            The season of Epiphany for us is about the same adventure. We are to traverse through the wilds of this world, following the eternal light that has come shining a path for each of us to come and know Jesus our Lord and Savior. May the light of God, manifest in you the wisdom and spirit to know and believe in Jesus, our Lord, our Savior, our King. May you seek Jesus and grow in faith this Epiphany.

                                                            In the peace and grace of God,

                                                                        Pastor Kirk Griffin