Dear Abba


“‘Abba, Father,’ Jesus said, ‘Everything is possible for you.’” Mark 14:36a


     June is the month in which the church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost (Sunday, June 4) and then remembers the theological definition of the blessed Trinity (Sunday, June 11). But of course June is also known as the month for Father’s Day celebrations. 

     As you know on Father’s Day, I always remind people to give thanks for the men that helped them grow, that were there to teach them, to guide them and mold them. Some of us have wonderful biological fathers that were important in our lives. But some people never knew their real fathers, or had abusive fathers, and so it is a better idea to give thanks and honor the men in their lives that did treat them well and were there like fathers should be when they were in need.   

      One father that is always there for us of course is our heavenly Father. Through baptism we are made brothers and sisters with Christ and as such we are given a name that can never be taken away, the name of “child of God.” So in the month of June, as we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift of God that ties us together with Christ and the Father, we may remember and honor this loving relationship. And as we celebrate the name of God in the Holy Trinity, we can remember that we are children of a loving Father. And especially on Father’s day we give thanks for our dads, and our everlasting Father who gives us life and sustains us, promising us a place with him forever. Let’s give thanks this month for that great gift.   

      In the peace and grace of God,

                       Pastor Kirk