Called on to Serve

We are called to serve.:

“For it is better to suffer for doing good, if suffering should be God’s will, than to suffer for doing evil.”

1 Peter 3:17

     In May, we will have four special weekends. The first is Music weekend, giving thanks to all those who gave of themselves to lift up music in our worship times. Then we have Mother’s day when we remember all the women who gave of themselves, many times even sacrificially, so that we might have a better life. Then on May 21st we will be honoring veterans from all military branches of service and their service to God and country giving of their time and talents so that we and others may worship and live in freedom. Finally we end the month on Memorial Day weekend remembering those who paid the ultimate price, dying so that we might have life and joy.

   What a month ahead. It is time to think about all those who dedicated long hours and many tireless nights so that we could benefit. Peter tells us in his epistle that it is the calling of all Christians to be about this type of service. Peter is reminding us that sometimes we have to suffer so that goodness may abound. Christ himself is our model. God came to this earth to suffer and die on the cross so that we all might come into his righteousness and receive goodness everlasting. It wasn’t given easily, but Christ takes our sinful nature upon himself so that we are not found in sinfulness and instead we are rewarded with everlasting life.

    We give thanks this month for all who give of themselves so that goodness may abound.  

      In the peace and grace of God,

                       Pastor Kirk Griffin