05/2016 - Breathing & the Holy Spirit

Dear Godly Faithful:

“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit.” Acts of the Apostles 2:4a

  Stop and take in a deep breath, hold it, take in a little more air expanding your lungs as much as you can, and hold it. Now let it out. Doesn’t that simple act of stopping for a moment and breathing in deeply and out completely feel wonderful? Go ahead and repeat it if you so desire, we can wait.

  The breathing in and out of air is very much like how I picture the gift of the Holy Spirit coming upon those early disciples. The wind of God swept down upon their room that they were gathered in and the spirit filled their mouths and lungs with the air of God. It filled them so much, that just like when we fill our lungs to maximum, the air came exploding back out, in languages of all kinds. They just couldn’t hold it back, the Spirit of life was too powerful. 

  At our baptism, we testify that God has blessed us with the Spirit of his presence. From that moment on every breath we take in and out is by the gift of the Lord. As his followers, just like those disciples at Pentecost, we are to be open to the  Spirit, and its power that comes to fill us and encourage us, and empower us to do God’s work. If we just are open to being filled with the Spirit of God, there would be no stopping the power that would come pouring forth from each one of us.

  May we continue to pray that St. Mark and all of us, are filled with the power of God’s Spirit. To be so filled it can never stop. 

  In the Peace and Grace of God,                 
                         Pastor Kirk Griffin

May 2016