Be Safe, Be Considerate, Stay Healthy

“Hold me up,  

     That I may be safe.”     

Psalm 119:117a

Dear St. Mark:

         I am going to keep it simple this week for my Pastor’s Ponderings.

         I could address the upcoming Father’s day and the fact that God is our Father. But I won’t.

I could deliberate on the racial divide and the ongoing call for social change in this world. But I won’t.

I could write about the 5th anniversary of the Emmanuel Nine (the nine church leaders and members who lost their lives on June 17th, 2015 to gun violence). But I won’t.

I could write about any number of things. But I won’t.


I want one message to be heard,

Loudly and clearly,

    BE SAFE.

As we transition back into the building worship, I want to make sure everyone is being safe and considerate. I can not stress that enough. Covid-19 is still a highly contagious airborne virus that can be passed from one person to another. We don’t want to make any anyone sick just because we came back to worship at St. Mark. We have to make sure we take every precaution to keep each other healthy.

So, please

When you come to worship or any activity at church – wear a mask – it keeps others safe.

When you walk or sit down in the church be sure to keep a 6 foot distance.

When you greet others, keep a safe distance and say a verbal greeting, don’t shake hands.

When you come into worship sit in the designated pews (green for Saturday and blue for 

    Sunday). Also move towards the middle so as to keep the aisles clearer.

When you leave worship allow the pews to empty out from back to front so physical

distancing can be kept.

         If sick or at risk stay at home and watch online Sunday afternoon, after we post the

Sunday morning worship online.

         It is up to you to act responsibly and keep each other safe as we move back to worshipping in the church. We are only able to offer this worship in the building if everyone is careful.


                                                                                                   In the peace and grace of God,

                                                                                                                          Pastor Kirk Griffin