Agape Love

“I give you a new commandment,

 that you love one another. Just as I

 have loved you, you also should

love one another...”     John 13:34

Dear Caregiving Christians:

       The mother was having a tough day, it was written all over her face. Everyone could see this mother was running on empty, as she waited in line at the customer service counter of the department store. She was trying desperately to hold her bags and keep her baby from crying while at the same time rein in her 3 year and 5 year old that were pulling and grabbing everything they could at the toys that the department store was so kind enough to place next to the service counter area. The line had been long and slow moving. Several people, glanced at their watches impatiently, giving eye rolls and snide grunts at the misbehavior of her rambunctious children. But one costumer saw the despair and weariness of this mother and took action. That customer gave up their spot in line, went over to the two older children and glancing at the mother for approval started to interact with them, asking questions, playing with some of the toys on display and just keeping their attention while their tired mom continued to finish up exchanging her items. In that moment I saw agape love in action.

       Jesus commanded his disciples to have agape love, Godly love for others just as Jesus has for us. Agape is to care for someone unconditionally and sacrificially. Jesus shows that love in the way he spoke to the sinners, healed the broken, gave life to the grieving. The person who gave up their place in a slow moving line to help another that was just worn out, lived out this command. It may have been a small thing to do, but in that moment, in that place, it was the love of Christ in action.

       The month of May is full of opportunities to live out that love. Our first weekend we will honor the musicians and singers of the congregation on Music Sunday for giving of their time, efforts, and gifts to lead and serve this congregation in worshipping God. Of course the second Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day set apart to remember all those women in our lives that cared for us and gave unconditionally and sacrificially the agape love that we needed throughout our lives. Sunday, May 19th, brings us a Sunday to honor all medical caregivers; those who serve and answer the needs of the ill, the injured, and the dying. Lastly we will celebrate Memorial Day weekend at our last Worship Sunday of the month remembering all those who definitely showed agape care for others by paying the ultimate price for us all.

Remember this month to live agape love even in the smallest ways.

                                                                                                In the peace and grace of God, 

                                                                                                                       Pastor Kirk