08/2016 - Singing Before the Lord

Dear musical worshippers:

“They ministered with song before the tabernacle of the tent of meeting… and they performed their service in due order.” 1 Chronicles  6:32

     Frequently when a student of the Bible comes upon a passage that has a long list of names, they skim over it or skip it all together. One such section is 1 Chronicles chapter 6. The writer is simply listing names of people - one right after another. But at verse 32 he takes a moment and records that the following list of names are people that were centered in singing and playing music before the Lord.

     Now just imagine, what that must be like to constantly have people singing and playing music  before the temple of God on earth. Now imagine what heaven must be like, the best of the best, the multitude singing praise, the musicians playing, all in praise.

    This month we regretablly have to say goodbye to Arlo who won’t be returning as our organist. Instead he is moving on in his career, and we wish him well. But that doesn’t end the music. We as a church are called on to pick up the age old call to worship in song and praise before the Lord in his temple, until we join with that great chorus in heaven.

     Music can stir the soul, soaring to heights mere spoken words never ascend. We need to sing, play, ring, make melody before the Lord in thanksgiving and praise. May we continue this melody that has played throughout history since the first assembled people came together to worship the Lord. May we join with those lists of names and praising God in song.    

       In the Peace and Grace of God,                 
                         Pastor Kirk Griffin