Things to Do at St. Mark

Events for April 2020 and the immediate Months afterward are postponed until we are able to resume our normal church actvivites










1st Sunday in Lent

8:00am Trinity Choir

9:00am Traditional Worship


10:20am Sunday Schools

10:20am TrebleBells


1pm Book Club in parlor (I am the Messenger)


8:30am Counters

1:45pm Bingo! at Utz Terrace


10am Adult Coloring Group


6pm Reiki Group


6pm St. Mark Eats at Starlight Diner


6pm Lenten Soup Dinner


9am Sewing Group


3pm Evangelism Committee at Panera’s



Bible Study



World Day of Prayer

Grace UMC


5:30pm Spoken

Liturgy of Word

and Sacrament


2nd Sunday in Lent

8:00am Trinity Choir

9:00am Traditional Worship

10:20am Sunday Schools

10:20am TrebleBells


2pm FISH Youth Club


8:30a C'nters


9:30am Property Committee


6pm Lenten Soup Dinner


9am Sewing Group



Bible Study


5:30pm Spoken

Liturgy of Word

and Sacrament


3rd Sunday in Lent

8:00am Trinity Choir

9:00am  Traditional Worship

10:20am Sunday Schools

10:20am TrebleBells


8:30am Counters


7pm SOS Support Group

7pm Finance Meeting


11:30am Hanover Garden Club Meeting


7pm Christian Ed. Committee


6pm Lenten Soup Dinner


9am Sewing Group


5:30pm Fellowship Committee



Bible Study


5:30pm Spoken

Liturgy of Word

and Sacrament


4th Sunday in Lent

8:00am Trinity Choir

9:00am Traditional Worship

10:20am Sunday Schools

10:20am TrebleBells


Provide-A-Lunch at HACC

PAL Team #2


8:30am Counters


7pm Congregat'nal Council Meeting

*All are welcome


6pm Lenten Soup Dinner


9am Sewing Group


6pm Ruth’s Harvest Packing


9am Newsletter Assembly


Bible Study


5:30pm Spoken

Liturgy of Word

and Sacrament


5th Sunday in Lent

8:00am Trinity Choir

9:00am  Healing Worship

10:20am Sunday Schools


10:20am TrebleBells


8:30am Counters


Bible Study, Choirs, FISH Club, Bingo and other committee meetings: will all be on hold until the time we can schedule them again.



While worship on April 4th & 5th  will be online

PALM BRANCHES will be available


If you would like a fresh Palm Branch please call the church office,

717-637-8904 or email pastor at

and we will arrange for a delivery to be dropped off at your home

as best we can in keeping with CDC guidelines and state limitation mandates.


Are you Alone? Are you running short?

We live in unusual times, but no matter what comes, we can still be there to help each other. No disease or hardship can stop us from caring and reaching out to offer aid and support for one another. If you find that you are lacking something, please call the church office at 717-637-8904. We have members that have volunteered to do grocery and pharmacy pick ups. We have people that have volunteered to share supplies. We have a loving church that can and will overcome all things to serve in God’s love.

Remember: many grocery stores and pharmacies offer adjusted hours and curbside pickup for seniors – call your store for details.

Other resources that may help in these emotional times:

National Alliance on Mental Health – Covid-19 health care guide

Go to this video

Licensed Psychologist Jon Sirkorski offering strategies for combating Fear and

Stress During Coronavirus – Go to this video

Dr. Shefali Tasbary explains how people/parents deal with the uncertainty of life

          Go to this YouTube video

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.


CHURCHES are Life-Sustaining

 St. Mark is OPEN

11am – 3pm Monday through Friday


Needs, Concerns or Questions can still be addressed by phone.

Offering Envelopes can still be mailed to the Church office.  

St. Mark Annual Diaper Drive, Easter Egg Candy Collection, &  World Hunger Piggy Banks

When we return to regular worship we will still be receiving our Social Ministry DIAPER donations for area agencies, our Christian Ed. EASTER EGG hunt candy and the World Hunger PIGGIE BANKS. So please hold on to the items until we meet once more at St. Mark.

Choir & Treble Bells Practices 

Bells and Choir parctices are postponed. Restart date is TBD.


The church Easter season is seven weeks of seven days, from Resurrection Sunday to Pentecost. We can and will celebrate Easter each week starting April 12th all the way to Pentecost. Yes, some of those weeks may be on video for all those who can access our church website. But soon, very soon, we will gather once again in the St. Mark church building and rejoice in Jesus’ victory over the grave and the life restored.



At the time we gather for worship once again in St. Mark we will have the dedicated flowers filling the church. Of course they may not be the traditional flowers of Easter, but we will attempt to fill the sanctuary with whatever flowers are available on the weekend we return to rejoice in the celebration of Easter.

Sunday School Choir


Martha Lobaugh, our organist, has gathered our youth to create an awesome choir, with beautiful singing as well as saxophone, cello, and trumpet accompaniments. 


Youth choir practices are postponed until a future month.


We look forward to including more youth music in our Sunday worship as the children progress. 

St. Mark Book Club

April’s Book Club will be rescheduled to a future date. But go ahead and read the book: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Enjoy and get ready for our meeting.

Slagle Scholarship

In 2020, we will again award $750 scholarship to a graduating senior of Hanover or South Western High School who plans to enter the nursing profession, the ministry or other religious work, or attend a vocational school.


Applications were mailed to both schools and should therefore be available in their guidance offices.  Completed applications must be received to St. Mark or post-marked by Monday, April 6th.

Tea at St. Mark

To properly prepare and give all the opportunity to purchase tickets ($15), the May 3rd, Spring Tea will be postponed until a future date. We will be brewing up a new event date soon, so keep watch.

New Time for Bingo...

Normally held on the first Monday each month at 1:45pm fat Utz Terrace with Bingo! These events are postponed. Check back here for our Bingo restart date.

Prayer Squares

Many of us at St. Mark enjoy yarn—buying it, using it, knitting, crocheting, you name it! Since we have a sewing group, it seemed like a great idea to have a yarn group. We have different donation opportunities and project ideas. 


Currently, the Prayer Square project led by Jo Kuhns is doing great! The baskets at the Willow Street entrance and the Fellowship Hall door are needing regular restocking so they are definitely being distributed. Please feel free to take one for yourself or take several squares to give to those who might need them. Patterns, yarn, needles, and hooks are available in the basket in the office hallway. 

Thank you, Jo Kuhns, for heading this new project!

St. Mark Monthly Offering for Designated Needs

St. Mark’s Monthly Offering for Designated Needs gives us an opportunity as a congregation to support specific domestic and international needs which are predetermined by our council each year. 

April’s offering benefits Itete Hospital of the Konde Diocese. Of the various partners who support Konde Diocese, through the work of our Konde Medical Needs Committee, we, as the Lower Susquehanna Synod, are the only partner providing ongoing support for the Itete Hospital.  As the Itete Hospital in the Konde Diocese of Tanzania grows in its capacity to care for people as a District Designated Hospital, their needs grow.     

To contribute to this month’s designated need, please mail your donations to our office or place them in our weekend collection plates by specifying "Gary Laabs Mission Trip" on your check or the “other” line of any of our weekly offering envelopes.   

Please remember that whenever a donation is made on the “other” line that does not have a written designation, it will automatically be given to the ministry fund designated for that month.

Ruth's Harvest - 2020

Ruth's Harvest has started again for another school year. Ruth’s Harvest is a weekend food program operated by HACC that supplements needs for elementary school children that are fed at school breakfast and lunch programs but would normally go lacking on the weekends. So we help supply them with bags of food to carry home for the weekends. Church teams throughout the area come together to do the work. St. Mark has a team that helps sort food that is delivered to the storage rooms and also a team that packs bags for kids to take home. We could use additional helpers this year in both groups. Simply contact Martha Lippy if you can help sort or Pastor Kirk to help pack at any of the coming dates at the Methodist Church on Middle Street. There is no special skill or training needed, just willingness to help. The schedule for the coming year is shown below. Ruth’s Harvest School Year Schedule of our two teams that volunteer to help:

                                  Tuesdays 9:00AM                         Thursdays 6:00pm

                                   Sort the Food                                Pack the Bags       

                                    N/A                                                April 23rd and April 30th being rescheduled

                                    N/A                                                        May 28th being rescheduled


Winter Treats

Spring is here and, yes, pastries and cool drinks are back on the table!  When we return to weekend services, we will again be able to sign-up . A new signup sheet will be posted, ready and waiting for you!  As you know, with the pastries and drinks returning, all the host(s) have to do is set up and table before worship; then, clean up after fellowship time.


When the signup sheet is available, please do your best to pick a date (and sign up) as soon as possible. Contact Barb Baublitz with any questions (717-637-9076). 

St. Mark Eats is Postponed

Next Date is TBD

We all long to return to our favorite restaurants and socialize over a good meal, but that is going to be a little longer wait. To be safe and healthy, we must remain safe at home. In keeping with the CDC guidelines we will NOT be meeting on April 7th at Red Lobster. We hope to be back to our regular schedule as soon as we can. Just watch for more details in the month ahead. 

Coloring Book Group

The Adult Coloring Group which normally meets on Tuesdays, from 10:00am to 12:00 noon in the Bible Study/Sewing Room will again meet at a future date.


When we resume our spring/summer twice monthly schedule, we will post the meeting dates.

Did You Know

Anyone may dedicate a Bulletin or Newsletter: Did you know that next to the flower chart on the bulletin board in the narthex, there is a sign-up sheet for newsletters (for $40.00) or bulletins (for $20.00) that can be donated in honor or memory of someone dear to you? Please sign up or contact the church office if interested at (717)637-8904.

Bible Study

Our study of the book of Nehemiah, held in the Bible Study room on Friday mornings from 10:30am – 12 Noon will resume when we are again able t omeet.


To join us, no experience necessary- we even provide the Bibles if you need one. The class is filled with fellowship and learning and is ready for anyone to come and be a part of it – yes, even you!


Come and spend some time learning about this fascinating gospel. No experience necessary. We even provide the Bibles if you need one. The class is filled with fellowship and learning and is ready for anyone to come and be a part of it.

St. Mark Pre-School News

We are over halfway through the school year now and the students are learning a lot. Time flies by so quickly so it’s hard to believe but it is that time of year again, registration time. By the time you read this, we will have had registration open to the public for a month and we will already have had our open house. 

As of February 25th, our Tuesday/Thursday 3-Year-Old Class is full, and our Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4-Year-Old AM Class is full as well. Since we filled our three-year-old class before we even had our open house, the preschool committee has decided to add a Monday/Wednesday 3-Year-Old Class. We hope to have at least 6 children in the class, which I am sure is doable since we already have 3 signed up. 

So, if you know anyone with children ages 3 or 4, please let them know we still have openings in our Monday/Wednesday 3-Year-Old Class and our Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4-Year-Old PM class that meets from 12:30-3:15 p.m.

The preschool is also excited to announce that we are once again having a Joe Corbi’s Fundraiser. Please contat Alison in the church office if you would like to order. 

The packaged foods come to you and a part of the cost goes to help the preschool. The deadline is Monday so please get your orders in to the church office soon. The product brochure is available on the hallway bulletin board or in the office. Thanks again for all your support, Allison Wentz, Director

Please Let Us Know

Hospitals DO NOT call:  If you know that you are going in or that someone else is going into the hospital and would like a visit, please be sure to call the office or inform the pastor. With the new HIPAA laws, the hospital cannot contact us with information unless you particularly request it or contact the church yourself. So please pass on to us any information that you may be able to share.

Around Our Community and the Synod

Calendar of Events for Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Hanover


Upcoming Community events and Synod Activities are being rescheduled.

Volunteer Opportunities: Our Hanover Area Council of Churches (HACC) has a plethora of volunteer opportunities for anyone looking for that little something extra in their lives! There are even some part-time employment opportunities!  Please contact HACC 717-633-6353 for more information about PAL; driving needs; substitutes; clothing bank sorters, organizers, baggers, cashiers; Meals-On-Wheels drivers and runners; Changing Lives shelter staff; receptionist needs.

Want to Volunteer? Have a passion for giving? We would love to have you on one of our teams.

We need folks who are interested in helping our church grow and attract families who want to hear and learn about the message of Jesus Christ.

You need not be member of our congregation.

We recognize that many people want to try something before they are comfortable returning to it. We agree. You do not need to commit to a lengthy term of assistance. You can join for a single event to try it out.

Contact the church office (contact info below on the page footer).