Things to Do at St. Mark - April

Some events for the immediate future may be postponed until we are able to resume our normal church actvivites.











Office Open


11:00am Bible Study


Easter Flower Orders Due


5:30pm Spoken

Liturgy of Word



5th Sunday in Lent


9:00am Worship

10:20am Sunday School classes


10:15am Worship & Music Committee Mtg.



9:00-12:00pm Office Open



9:00-12:00pm Office Open


6:00pm St. Mark Eats at Dutch Country






9:00-12:00pm Office Open


6:00pm Lenten Soup Dinner




Office Open


Quilting Group  9:00am-12noon


Joe Corbi Pickup (after 11:00am)

3:00pm Evangelism Mtg.



Office Open


11:00am Bible Study


5:30pm Spoken

Liturgy of Word 


Palm Sunday

9:00am Worship

10:20am Sunday School classes


Congregational Mtg. after Worship

Confirmation Class Week



9:00-12:00pm Office Open






Office Open


9:30am Property Committee Mtg.



9:00-12:00pm Office Open




Office Open


Quilting Group

9:00am – 12noon


7:00pm - Maundy Thursday Service


9:00-12:00pm Office Open


11:00am Bible Study


7:00pm - Good Friday Service



10:30am Easter Egg Hunt


5:30pm Easter Vigil



Easter Sunday


9:00am Easter Sunday Service


10:20am Sunday School classes


9:00-12:00pm Office Open


7:00pm Finance Meeting



9:00-12:00pm Office Open


1:00pm Hanover Garden Club Mtg.


7:00pm Future Task Force Group


9:00-12:00pm Office Open






Office Open


Quilting Group

9:00am – 12noon



9:00-12:00pm Office Open


11:00am Bible Study


Earth Day


5:30pm Spoken

Liturgy of Word





3rd Sunday after Epiphany

9:00am Worship

10:20am Sunday School classes

Confirmation Class Week


PAL “Provide-A-Lunch” Team 2



9:00-12:00pm Office Open




9:00-12:00pm Office Open


Congregational Council




Office Open



Officve Open




Office Open


11:00am Bible Study


5:30pm Spoken Liturgy of Word

*NOTE:  St. Mark Preschool classes are in session MONDAY through FRIDAY each week between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm*

Easter Flowers Pickup


All those who dedicated Easter Flowers as honorariums or memorials will be able to pick them up following Easter Worship. If you would like to pick them up during the week following Easter, please come during office hours – 9:00am to 12:00noon, Monday through Friday.

Don’t Forget to Return Your Barn Bank of Change


All through Lent we have been collecting excess change and any other larger cash donations for our Sunday School outreach program. On Easter, bring in your filled barn bank and empty it into the glass container in the narthex. Help us fill it up so that we can help families in need. An animal can make a world of difference to lift families out of poverty.  Animals provide food to eat and fertilizer to sell on the market.  With your gifts, we can help a family escape the cycle of hunger and poverty for good.  After Easter the Sunday school kids will count up the money and make the selection of animals to be given through Lutheran World Relief.

Diapers for Lent

Social Ministry’s annual diaper drive began with Ash Wednesday and finishes up at Easter. The collection table is out in the narthex. The steeple with member’s baby pictures is being surrounded. Keep those donations coming and cover the entire table. You can drop off your donations of new diapers any time during church office hours, Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 12noon, or just bring them to church at worship time.   n.

Employment Opportunity


As noted in the council happenings, we regrettably accepted Dale Dull’s resignation as our church custodian. As a result, St. Mark will be once again looking for a new custodian/housekeeper to begin at the end of April. This position’s hourly rate is $13.50 to $15.00 an hour with a flexible work schedule of 15-to-20 hours a week, Monday through Friday. The job requires someone who is dependable, hardworking and can work independently to assure the building’s rooms and hallways are routinely cleaned and maintained for all daily uses. Please refer applicants to the Church office (717-637-8904) or go to our website ( to find the application.

Easter Egg Hunt


Saturday, April 16th at 10:30am, rain or shine, we will be searching high and low for those colorful eggs. We want to thank all those who have brought or are bringing in candy for this hunt. All the donations need to be in by April 10th so that we have time to fill the plastic eggs and get them to the bunny who, of course, hides them in time for the hunt. All children from nursery age to 10 years old are invited to take part. Sign up your child, grandchild, neighbor’s children, or friends’ kids on the narthex signup sheet or call the office at 717-637-8904. Get hopping: sign up soon!

Lenten Soup Dinner 

Lenten Soup Dinners & Bible Study:  The Lenten Soup Dinners on Wednesday nights finish up on March 30th and April 6th. There is still time to join in the good food that so many have made and shared (thank you) and learn a little about the prayer that our Lord taught us.


April 6th - 6th Wednesday of Lent

And lead us not into temptation (6th Petition)

But deliver us from evil.  (7th Petition)

For thine is the kingdom, and the power,

and the glory, forever and ever. Amen. (Conclusion)

Learn the Bible

The Friday morning Bible group is a friendly, welcoming group that is always interested in sharing the Word with others. Stop by and try us out. This Spring we are finishing up our walk through Luke’s Gospel. No previous reading or knowledge required. All are welcome. Stop by on Friday at 11am – we even have extra Bibles.

St. Mark Eats

On Thursday, April 7th, at 6:00pm we will be dining together at Dutch Country Family Restaurant on Baltimore St. Then on Tuesday, May 3rd, we will eat together at the Firepit Restaurant on Elm Street (across from Conewago Elementary). Please sign up on the hallway bulletin board, so we can be sure to plan for enough reservations.  


Are you Alone? Are you running short?

We live in unusual times, but no matter what comes, we can still be there to help each other. No disease or hardship can stop us from caring and reaching out to offer aid and support for one another. If you find that you are lacking something, please call the church office at 717-637-8904. We have members that have volunteered to do grocery and pharmacy pick ups. We have people that have volunteered to share supplies. We have a loving church that can and will overcome all things to serve in God’s love.

Remember: many grocery stores and pharmacies offer adjusted hours and curbside pickup for seniors – call your store for details.

Other resources that may help in these emotional times:

National Alliance on Mental Health – Covid-19 health care guide

Go to this video

Licensed Psychologist Jon Sirkorski offering strategies for combating Fear and

Stress During Coronavirus – Go to this video

Dr. Shefali Tasbary explains how people/parents deal with the uncertainty of life

          Go to this YouTube video

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.


CHURCHES are Life-Sustaining

 St. Mark is OPEN

11am – 3pm Monday through Friday


If visiting, please protect us and you -- wear a mask. Thanks.

Needs, Concerns or Questions can still be addressed by phone.

Offering Envelopes can still be mailed to the Church office.  

Worship Happenings

Since we are not handing out announcements each week, we will be listing here all the flower dedications and worship leaders for the coming few weeks. Please consider helping fill the needs.

Altar Vases - April Weekends


Weekend April 2nd & 3rd  – 

     Altar Vase – available

     Altar Vase - available


Weekend April 9th & 10th – 

     Altar Vase – Given in honor of our parents’, Nancy and Carl

       Sandruck, 67th Wedding Anniversary by Melanie, Sally &

       Pete, and David & Romi.

    Altar Vase - available for dedication call church office


Weekend April 16th & 17th  –

     Altar Vases - Given in praise and gratitude for Christ’s

       sacrifice at the cross and his victorious resurrection that

       gives eternal life to all those who believe.  


Weekend April 23rd & 24th  –

     Altar Vases - Given in memory of our mother, Helen Ruth,

       by the Ruth family.


Weekend January 30th and May 1st - 

     Altar vase - Given in honor of our 53rd Wedding

      Anniversary by Dave and Kathy Gates.


*Please Note - The vases can be dedicated in memory or honor of loved ones. Simply fill out the week you want in the Altar Vases page in the book hanging above the shelf in the narthex or contact the church office at 717-637-8904. Each vase is $17.00 or two for $34.00.

Altar Care

Volunteers are greatly appreciated.  If you are willing to help fulfill this role, please contact the church office at 717-637-8904. At this point it is making sure the flowers get taken out of the vases and given to the weekly sponsors.


Altar Care Schedule:

We give thanks for our altar care people who make sure the flowers get distributed correctly and help in any other way cleaning up after worship. We could always use some other helpers to assist or fill in one of the empty months. If you can help, call the office or sign up on the bulletin board by the flower book.

April – Bob & Jane Bish,             

May – OPEN                                       

June - Glen & Nancy Mummert  

July – OPEN                                        

August- Shellene Griffin          

September – OPEN          

October – Jo Kuhns                    

November – Susan Miller           

December – OPEN


Online at St. Mark


Online worship videos will be posted every Sunday afternoon at our website: We video record the worship on Sunday mornings and then add in the music (that can’t be sung in person yet) in order for all those who are at home to join in a time of prayerful worship of God. It will generally be posted to our website after 3pm each Sunday and left all week for those who can connect online.

Sunday Worship Helpers - April


Altar Care - Gary & Eileen Laabs, Glenn & Nancy Mummert. If you would like to volunteer to help fulfill in altar care, please contact the church office at 717-637-8904.  

Sunday, Apr 2/3, 2022

CPIC - Tom Long

Lector - Mike Merlo

Sat. Worship Leader - Need Volunteer


Sunday, Apr 9/10, 2022

CPIC - Karen Feeser

Lector - Mike Merlo

Sat. Worship Leader - Lynn Peterson

Sunday, Apr 16/17, 2022

CPIC - Penny Highlands

Lector - Hollis Long

Sat. Worship Leader - Alison Peterson


Sundy, Apr 23/24, 2022


Lector - Need Volunteer

Sat/ Worship Leader - Need Volunteer


Sunday, Apr 30/May 1, 2022

CPIC - Penny Highlands

Lector - Alex Spalding

Sat/Worship Leader -  Need Volunteer



*  Need volunteer(s) that are willing to be present each week to make sure the flower vases are properly removed and given to the sponsoring family to take home. Currently altar care does not involve set up or clean-up of communion or home flower delivery.  If you are willing to help fulfill this role, please contact the church office at 717-637-8904.

Holy Communion Distribution Weekends

For the most up-to-date information about Holy Communion offerings, please call the church office. We will update the website when we get additional information. 


   - In the center aisle, Pastor will be offering the wafer and wine by pastoral intinction to be dropped in palms of worshiper’s hands as they depart.

   - A tissue will be available to take and fold into your open palm to receive the wafer cleanly and safely.

   - We ask that you extend your hand out, palm side up covered with the tissue to receive the wafer with no touch abilities. Pastor will then drop the wafer into your open covered palm.

   - Please allow each row to depart from back to front keeping physical CDC spacing.

   - After receiving the wafer, please depart outside where you can safely remove your mask and consume the wafer and wine, giving thanks to God for this gift.

   - If you do not wish to receive communion, simply depart through the side aisles.

Please contact the pastor if you have any concerns or need further options to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Help Ukraine through LDR

(Lutheran Disaster Response)


LDR is accompanying our companion churches in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, as well as such ecumenical partners as the Lutheran World Federation and Church World Service, in their humanitarian responses to the crisis. They provide refugees with immediate support and supplies such as food, blankets, water and hygiene kits. Your gifts marked “Eastern Europe Crisis Response” will be used 100% to assist those affected by the crisis in Ukraine and neighboring countries.


Mail directly to Lutheran Disaster Response P.O. Box 1809, Merrifield VA 22116-8009. Be sure to mark on your check “Eastern Europe Crisis Response”

Holy Week Schedule


Please invite your neighbors and friends to join you as we walk with Jesus through the week that leads up to the Resurrection Celebration. There will be one special bulletin for the entire week as we move through the different stages of Christ’s last days with his disciples. Please plan to keep and use that bulletin all week.


         Palm Sunday 9:00am - April 10th  

We will enter into worship rejoicing and singing

our “Hosannas” and lifting our prayers to our coming King of Glory


Maundy Thursday 7:00pm - April 14th   

We will sit at the table of the Lord and join in prayer of the Passover


         Good Friday 7:00pm - April 15th

We will travel with Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane to the cross, hearing his prayers of sacrifice.


Easter Vigil 5:30pm - April 16th

From creation and the fall to the restoration of new life, in Christ we give thanks in prayer.


         The Resurrection of our Lord Sunday 9:00am - April 17th

Easter has arrived. Our Prayer is answered as we see the empty grave!


Sunday Worship on the Radio


While St. Mark has posted worship videos online, we know some still can’t get access. But, we have heard that St. Matthew Lutheran in York PA., is broadcasting their worship every Sunday at 11am on the radio at 98.9 FM.  Meg Folkemer, whom many of you remember, is their Director of Music and extends an invitation to all her friends here at St. Mark that cannot worship online right now to visit with them on the radio and join in traditional Lutheran worship. 

Congregational Meeting


Special Congregational Meeting: Following morning worship on April 10th (back up date: April 24th), we will have a short congregational meeting to vote on a council-recommended proposal to replace the two doors on the Willow Street side of the Fellowship hall entranceway with a new electric sliding doorway (similar to the one at the Willow Street handicap entrance). Proposed work done by Susquehanna Door Company would be for the replacement and installation at $14,515 (not including running electric, getting lock keyed to match, and encasing any outside exposed framing). There is currently over $19,000 dedicated in a replacement door fund saved for this type of project. An agenda and proposal sheet are available for pickup in the narthex.

St. Mark Sewing News

There is a new addition in the sewing room!  While our dedicated sewers, pinners, cutters, tie-ers are working, they enjoy discussing, trading, and recommending books. “Seeewww”, everyone started bringing in books to share until quite a few books were amassed. 

The need for a bookshelf was mentioned to Bob Bish who proceeded to build a beautiful one for them on wheels! Thanks very much to Bob for sharing his craftsmanship once again to add to the beauty of our church.

For those interested in seeing the bookshelf and borrowing or sharing books, please contact any of our sewers (Pat Hagarman, Jo Kuhns, Susan Miller, Carol Reese, Deb Teal, Linda Gouker, Sandy Haymaker) or just come in to the church on a Thursday morning to touch base with the group. 

Preschool News

Registration for 2022-2023


Currently the Mon/Wed morning 3-year-old and the Mon/Wed/Thurs morning 4-year-old classes are both FULL. We have remaining spots in the Tues/Thurs morning 3-year-old class and the Mon/Wed/Thurs afternoon 4-year-old class. 

If you know any families that might be interested, please tell them to check us out by going to our website    


A big thanks to all who supported the Joe Corbi Fundraiser this spring. Orders can be picked up after 11:00am on April 7th.    


We wanted to thank Dale Dull for arranging the delivery of the new playground wood chips and making sure they got spread throughout the playground.



 St Mark Preschool Staff


Choir & Treble Bells Practices 

Bells practice will be held on Sundays immediately after the worship service. Choir practice has restarted but the practice sessons are held virtually. Contact the church office if you would like to join.

Sunday School Choir


Martha Lobaugh, our organist, has gathered our youth to create an awesome choir, with beautiful singing as well as saxophone, cello, and trumpet accompaniments. 


Youth choir practices are postponed until a future month.


We look forward to including more youth music in our Sunday worship as the children progress. 

First Communion Classes


Parents and Youth interested in taking part in first communion are invited to talk to Pastor about taking the preparation class(es).

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Good Gifts / God’s Global Barnyard

Your gifts support work in 77 nations around the world.


Every project in every community starts with listening. We believe that our congregations, companion churches and partners know their communities best. That’s why they identify the needs and priorities in their communities, as well as the solutions they believe will make the biggest impact. These gift items are from projects currently supported through different churchwide ministries. The projects have been planned by our partners — meaning that each community receives exactly the kind of support it needs and none of what it doesn’t. 


Donations can be made directly through your congregation’s offering or sent directly to the ELCA Good Gifts, Evangelical Lutheran Church

in America P.O. Box 1809 Merrifield, VA 22116-8009

New Time for Bingo...

Normally held on the first Monday each month at 1:45pm fat Utz Terrace with Bingo! These events are postponed. Check back here for our Bingo restart date.

Prayer Squares

Many of us at St. Mark enjoy yarn—buying it, using it, knitting, crocheting, you name it! Since we have a sewing group, it seemed like a great idea to have a yarn group. We have different donation opportunities and project ideas. 


Currently, the Prayer Square project led by Jo Kuhns is doing great! The baskets at the Willow Street entrance and the Fellowship Hall door are needing regular restocking so they are definitely being distributed. Please feel free to take one for yourself or take several squares to give to those who might need them. Patterns, yarn, needles, and hooks are available in the basket in the office hallway. 

Thank you, Jo Kuhns, for heading this new project!

St. Mark Monthly Offering for Designated Needs

St. Mark’s Monthly Offering for Designated Needs gives us an opportunity as a congregation to support specific domestic and international needs which are predetermined by our council each year. 


 April’s offering benefits Itete Hospital of the Konde Diocese. Of the various partners who support Konde Diocese, through the work of our Konde Medical Needs Committee, we, as the Lower Susquehanna Synod, are the only partner providing ongoing support for the Itete Hospital.  As the Itete Hospital in the Konde Diocese of Tanzania grows in its capacity to care for people as a District Designated Hospital, their needs grow. 


To contribute to this month’s designated need, please mail your donations to our office or place them in our weekend collection plates by specifying for April's Designated Giving on your check or the “other” line of any of our weekly offering envelopes.   


Please remember that whenever a donation is made on the “other” line that does not have a written designation, it will automatically be given to the ministry fund designated for that month.




Team #2 will be serving at HACC on April 24th:

Our team members include:  Joann Berwager, Pat Brooks, Dale Dull, Shellene Griffin, and Lynn Gross.


We are so grateful to all of our PAL (Provide-A-Lunch) volunteers who provide such a wonderful ministry as they represent St. Mark in our community.  PAL is the one community meal that is served every day free to anyone who is hungry all 365 days a year. Our three teams rotate covering the fourth Sundays of every month, serving a nourishing meal to all who enter the dining room of HACC. If you are interested in helping with any of our PAL teams, please call 717-637-8904.

Spring & Summer Goodies

spring is here and summer willl soon be upon us. We again accepting sign=ups for aftger service goodies -- diughnuts and cookies.  So, sign-up to provide refreshments. A new signup sheet will be posted, ready and waiting for you!  As you know, with the treats and drinks returning, all the host(s) have to do is set up the table before worship; then, clean up after fellowship time.


When the signup sheet is available, please do your best to pick a date (and sign up) as soon as possible. Contact Barb Baublitz with any questions (717-637-9076). 

St. Mark Book Club Returns



Before the shut-down, we started a book club here at St. Mark. Our first book was All the Light We Cannot See and we had one meeting in the parlor to talk about our book and discuss future books and meetings. Well, after a couple years, we are going to re-start the book club. Our first book is My Antonia by Willa Cather and our first meeting will be on January 9th in the parlor. Part of our discussion, in addition to the book, will be future books and future meeting locations. Please contact Susan Miller at or 717-632-0555 for more information.  All readers are welcome! 

Coloring Book Group

Adult coloring is back on the schedule after the lengthy break.  Linda Bolin, the coloring hostess, has scheduled two November dates, the 9th and the 16th, from 10am to noon. 


Contact Linda with questions.  What a relaxing way to spend a morning!

Did You Know

Anyone may dedicate a Bulletin or Newsletter: Did you know that next to the flower chart on the bulletin board in the narthex, there is a sign-up sheet for newsletters (for $40.00) or bulletins (for $20.00) that can be donated in honor or memory of someone dear to you? Please sign up or contact the church office if interested at (717)637-8904.

Hanover Area Council of Churches (HACC) NEWS & NEEDS


PAL (Provide-a-Lunch) Program: Single serve fruits; Cans of string beans; Dish towels/rags; Potholders.  

Shelter:  Deodorant (Men & Women); Disposable gloves (Med. & Lg.); Ziploc storage bags (gallon size); Bed pillows; Lysol spray; Ajax cleaner; Clorox wipes.

General Needs:  Lysol spray/disinfecting spray

Clothing Bank:  Family-sized toiletries; Bread wire ties; Men’s & women’s ankle socks; Diapers sized 5 & 6.


All Donations can be placed in the bins by the office on the corner table at end of hall.


HACC Ruth’s Harvest: Feed the Children

          Ruth’s Harvest News: We are seeking individual snack and food items as we get ready for the start of school in the Fall. We hope to be back fully stocked and helping give out food starting the middle of September as the school year begins.


HACC Provide-A-Lunch (PAL)

          Is still operating as take and go meals each day between 11:30 and 12:30. Donations and volunteers are always welcome. Contact the HACC office for more info 717-633-6353.


HACC Clothing Bank

Tell a friend, share the news, come and shop – the HACC Clothing Bank on the 2nd floor of the Carlisle Street HACC building is open to the public. Call 717-633-6353. 


CROP Walk 2021

With a history of over 70 years, the CROP will take place again in 2021!  Missed in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic, the Hanover Area Council of Churches had been alerted that St. Paul Dubs will kindly take responsibility for being the central position of the CROP Walk at Codorus.

          Replacing Diana Weaver after her many years of service as the CROP chairman from St. Mark, Linda Bolin will be waiting for our walkers to sign up and receive their $$ folders.  Please do one of two things:  Be one of those walkers and/or contribute to one of those walkers.

          The CROP Walk takes place on Sunday at 1:00pm, October 17.  Sign up and walk your distance, your pace, and your smile.  And, we’ll all say “thanks” for participating.  Some of the money will stay in Hanover—the rest will be disbursed nationally and internationally by Church World Service.

          St. Mark members who receive their information by mail or e-mail and would like to participate may do so by sending checks to St. Mark made payable to “CHURCH WORLD SERVICE.”  Please do not make your CROP Walk checks to St. Mark this year!

Please Let Us Know

Hospitals DO NOT call:  If you know that you are going in or that someone else is going into the hospital and would like a visit, please be sure to call the office or inform the pastor. With the new HIPAA laws, the hospital cannot contact us with information unless you particularly request it or contact the church yourself. So please pass on to us any information that you may be able to share.

Around Our Community and the Synod

Calendar of Events for Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Hanover


Upcoming Community events and Synod Activities are being rescheduled.

Volunteer Opportunities: Our Hanover Area Council of Churches (HACC) has a plethora of volunteer opportunities for anyone looking for that little something extra in their lives! There are even some part-time employment opportunities!  Please contact HACC 717-633-6353 for more information about PAL; driving needs; substitutes; clothing bank sorters, organizers, baggers, cashiers; Meals-On-Wheels drivers and runners; Changing Lives shelter staff; receptionist needs.

Want to Volunteer? Have a passion for giving? We would love to have you on one of our teams.

We need folks who are interested in helping our church grow and attract families who want to hear and learn about the message of Jesus Christ.

You need not be member of our congregation.

We recognize that many people want to try something before they are comfortable returning to it. We agree. You do not need to commit to a lengthy term of assistance. You can join for a single event to try it out.

Contact the church office (contact info below on the page footer).