Our Leadership & Missions

Rev. Kirk Griffin


The Pastor oversees the spiritual leadership of St. Mark by preaching, teaching and sherpherding the ministries of our congregation.  

Joni Gonzales

Office Coordinator

The office coordinator is responsible for the day to day operation of the church office and the communications with the membership and the greater Hanover community. 


Melinda Elnaggar

Director of Music

The Director of Music is responsible for the music of St. Mark, by directing the adult choir and handbell choir and overseeing the selection of music and liturgy.


Martha Lobaugh


The congregation organist lifts up the worship life of St. Mark by playing the organ and piano for special music, hymns and liturgy.


Allison Wentz and Idonia Klunk

Preschool Directors

The Preschool Co-Directors help guide and oversee the operation and teaching of the St. Mark preschool.   


Wally Rodenhaber

Church Sexton

The Church sexton oversees the maintenance and repairs of the St. Mark grounds and property.


Tammy Wiseman

Church Housekeeper

The Church housekeeper oversees the cleaning and maintence  of the St. Mark building. 


Outreach Ministry 

Our Outreach Ministry is dedicated to serving our community through giving of our time and effort to help those in need and to foster friendship with our neighbors. 

Spiritual Growth Ministry

In Christian Education helps people of all ages - children, youth, and adults - learn more about the messages and the life of Jesus. From Vacation Bible School to adult Bible Study to Sunday School, Christian Education strives to meet the learning needs of Lutherans and those who want to learn more about our Savior.


Through our Worship & Music, we use song and music with our weekly services to explain God's promises to us through His Son and through our efforts. 

Stewards of Blessings Ministry

As we are blessed by God, we work to be good stewards of His blessings.