We have a ton of awesome stuff going on at the church! Make sure you check the calendar for all the dates and times. Go to the Ministry pages for more information on our events. We are sure you will want to join!

If you have any questions about the events feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Jan 01

Happy New Year !!

Jan 02

9am Sewing Group

3pm Evangelism Committee at Panera’s

Jan 03

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

Jan 05

10:20am Worship & Music Committee

Jan 06

Epiphany of Our Lord

8:30am Counters

2pm Bingo! at Utz Terrace

Jan 07

10am Adult Coloring Group

6pm Reiki Group

6pm St. Mark Eats at Perkins Restaurant

Jan 08

6pm TrebleBells

7pm Trinity Choir

Jan 09

9am Sewing Group

1pm Social Ministry Committee

5:30pm Fellowship Committee

Jan 10

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

Jan 11

9am un-decorating party

Jan 12

Baptism of Our Lord

2:00pm FISH Youth Club

Jan 13

8:30am Counters

Jan 14

9:30am Property Committee

Jan 15

6pm TrebleBells

7pm Trinity Choir

Jan 16

9am Sewing Group

Jan 17

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

Jan 18

“Frozen” Movie Showing 6:30pm -- rescheduled to 01/25

Jan 20

8:30am Counters

7pm SOS Support Group

7pm Finance Meeting

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jan 21

7pm Christian Ed. Committee

Jan 22

6pm TrebleBells

7pm Trinity Choir

Jan 23

9am Sewing Group

Jan 24

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

Jan 25

“Frozen” Movie Showing 6:30pm

Jan 26

10:20am Congregational Business Meeting and Year in Review

Provide-A-Lunch at HACC     PAL Team #1

Jan 27

8:30am Counters

Jan 28

7pm Congregational Council Meeting

(*All are welcome!)

Jan 29

6pm TrebleBells

7pm Trinity Choir

Jan 30

9am Sewing Group

Jan 31

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

Weekly Events

Some activities at St. Mark occur regularly. Here is our current list of Weekly Events.

5:30pm Saturday

9:00am Sunday

9:00am Thursday

6-6:45pm Thursday

7-8:30pm Thursday

6:30-8pm 2nd & 4th Thursday

10:30am Friday


Spoken Worship Service

Traditional Worship Service

Sewing Group

TrebleBells Wednesday

Trinity Choir Wednesday

“Guiding Hearts”

Bible Study

Private Counseling

This Month's Main Events

Seasons for January - Christmas & Epiphany

January has two seasons -- Christmas and Epiphany.

Christmas begins with Christmas Day, December 25, and lasts for Twelve Days until Epiphany, January 6, which looks ahead to the mission of the church to the world in light of the Nativity. The one or two Sundays between Christmas Day and Epiphany are sometimes called Christmastide. 

For many Protestant church traditions, the season of Epiphany extends from January 6th until Ash Wednesday...

Also of Interest

A Message from Your Website's Manager

Readers, I hope your are enjoying, and find useful, the St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church's website. It is a pleasure providing this resource to you.

In order to keep the format interesting, I am looking for ideas from you for enhancing the format. How could we present our church's information to you in a more user-friendly and entertaining way?

Please send your ideas to the church office. I will collect them throughout January and will use your feedback to update our website. I may not be able to use them all, but know that each one is appreciated. Thanks for your help.

Un-Decorating Fun

With Christmas recently past, the second fun event is upon us -- undecorating—Saturday, January 11th at 9:00am. Join us at our undecorating party as we pack away the Christmas tree and the candelabras.

Altar Flowers

The 2020 Flower Chart is already up and ready in the narthex, filling up for certain months but January is still available—all four Sundays in January!  Each vase is still $14.00.  Please call Alison in the church office or sign up in the narthex if you would like to sponsor flowers. 

Please Let Us Know


Hospitals DO NOT call:  If you know that you are going in or that someone else is going into the hospital and would like a visit, please be sure to call the office or inform the pastor. With the new HIPAA laws, the hospital cannot contact us with information unless you particularly request it or contact the church yourself. So please pass on to us any information that you may be able to share.

Congregational Meeting


January 26, the St. Mark annual business meeting with year in review will be held following morning worship. An inclement weather make-up date is scheduled for Feb. 2nd in case it is needed to meet the quorum. All and any business can be raised at this meeting as we review 2019 and look forward to 2020.

Movie Night

As we were frozen in last Saturday, movie night is rescheduled for this Saturday evening (1/25) at 6:30pm (weather permitting).  All are invited for the movie viewing in the Parlor of the church along with Hot Chocolate and cookie


We will be viewing the animated movie “Frozen”. It is a humorous and exciting story of love, family, and overcoming great odds. It tells the story of Anna, a fearless princess who sets off on a journey alongside a rugged mountain man, his loyal reindeer sidekick and a naïve but lovable snowman to find her estranged sister, Elsa, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped their kingdom in eternal winter.


Game Day

Mark your calendars now for our February fellowship event on Sunday, the 16th of February, from 3pm-5pm. Bring a favorite card or board game and join in the festivities as we gather in groups around the tables to play and enjoy some time together. Winter sometimes gets long and cold, but an afternoon of fun, games and festivities will help brighten anyone’s day. We will provide pizza at the end as we eat dinner before going home.

Souper Bowl of Caring

Thirty years ago it was one South Carolina church youth group that decided to collect food on Super Bowl Sunday in order to donate to their food bank. They were trying to overcome the hunger that they saw in their community as the world spends billions on that one football game. The next year, a handful of youth groups got together and worked together in that same town to do the food drive again.  Last year, 28 years later, $9,711,638 was raised by 4,881 churches and organizations around the country to help fight hunger in their own communities. This year we will be collecting food donations once again as part of this national movement. Please bring in donations of boxed goods or food items or donations of money on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd, to help our community foodbank meet the needs of our hungry neighbors.

St. Mark Pre-School News

We have a GoFundMe page online where you can make a donation to the preschool.  If you would like to donate, the web address is  You can also donate to the preschool using your offering envelopes.  Just write “Preschool Donation” on the “Other” line.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will begin in January for current students and their families as well as members of St. Mark Church.  We will open registration to the public beginning February 1st.  If you know any families that might be interested, please tell them to check us out. 

Everyone involved in the preschool wishes you all a very Happy New Year!

Annual Committee Reports Due 

In order to have the annual report copied and assembled before the end of January in time for our Congregational meeting on January 26 we need to have all reports from committees, chairpersons, groups or auxiliaries in by January 15th.  Please drop your report off at the office or you can even send it by email to our Office Coordinator, Alison Peterson, at    


What is FISH?

-- Calling All Parents and Calling All Youth -- 

“Fun In Serving Him” Youth Club…our upcoming FISH Youth Club which will be meeting on Sunday, October 13, from 2:00-4:00pm!  All you young fish, please spread the word and plan to jump back into the tank at this new time!  Any questions, please contact Karen Feeser, 717-698-3535, or the office.  (The planning meeting at 10:30am on the 13th is still scheduled.)

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions, volunteering, you name it, we hope to hear from all of you. You just need to call the church office at 717-637-8904 or e-mail me at!

Winter Treats


September is here and, yes, donuts are back on the menu!  Thank you to Wayne Lippy for again being willing to pick them up for us each Sunday.  A new sign-up is posted, ready and waiting for you!  As you know, with the donuts returning, all the host(s) have to do is make the coffee and set up and table before worship; then, clean up after fellowship time.


Please do your best to pick a date (and sign up) as soon as possible. Contact Barb Baublitz with any questions (717-637-9076). 

St. Mark Eats at Perkins Restaurant

January 07, 2020 at 6pm

For January, St. Mark Eats will be held on Thursday, January 6th, at the Perkins diner. Sign up in the narthex if you have not already done so! 

The February St. Mark Eats will be at Hoss’s Family Restaurant in Hanover.  The sign-up is in the narthex. As with previous and future Eats, we need to know if you plan on coming or not, since the restaurant needs to know how many are attending.  

St. Mark Coloring Book Group

The Adult Coloring Group continues on Tuesdays, from 10:00am to 12:00 noon in the Bible Study/Sewing Room.


Click the link to go to the Evangelism Ministry's page where you will see the complete schedule.

Bible Study

In November, we continue our study of the book of Nehemiah. We meet in the Bible Study room. We meet on Friday mornings from 10:30am – 12 Noon.


The study of the Book of Nehemiah continues at 10:30am on Fridays in the Bible Study room. The Old Testament Book of Nehemiah relates the Restoration of Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile. No experience necessary- we even provide the Bibles if you need one. The class is filled with fellowship and learning and is ready for anyone to come and be a part of it – yes, even you!


Come and spend some time learning about this fascinating book. No experience necessary. We even provide the Bibles if you need one. The class is filled with fellowship and learning and is ready for anyone to come and be a part of it.

Did You Know?


Anyone may dedicate a Bulletin or Newsletter: Did you know that next to the flower chart on the bulletin board in the narthex, there is a sign-up sheet for newsletters (for $40.00) or bulletins (for $20.00) that can be donated in honor or memory of someone dear to you? Please sign up or contact the church office if interested at (717)637-8904.

Ruth's Harvest - 2020

has started again for another school year. Ruth’s Harvest is a weekend food program operated by HACC that supplements needs for elementary school children that are fed at school breakfast and lunch programs but would normally go lacking on the weekends. So we help supply them with bags of food to carry home for the weekends. Church teams throughout the area come together to do the work. St. Mark has a team that helps sort food that is delivered to the storage rooms and also a team that packs bags for kids to take home. We could use additional helpers this year in both groups. Simply contact Martha Lippy if you can help sort or Pastor Kirk to help pack at any of the coming dates at the Methodist Church on Middle Street. There is no special skill or training needed, just willingness to help. The schedule for the coming year is as follows: (and yes we get the month of December off). Ruth’s Harvest School Year Schedule of our two teams that volunteer to help:

                                   Tuesday’s 9:00AM                               Thursdys 6:00pm

                                   Sort the Food                                       Pack the Bags     ​​​​​​​  

                                    N/A                                                        January 23rd  

                                    N/A                                                        February 27th

                                    N/A                                                        March 26th

                                    N/A                                                        April 23rd and April 30th

                                    N/A                                                        May 28th


Additionally donations of single serving fruits, vegetables, and entrees are always needed.

St. Mark’s Monthly Offering for Designated Needs

St. Mark’s Monthly Offering for Designated Needs gives us an opportunity as a congregation to support specific domestic and international needs which are predetermined by our council each year. 


January’s offering benefits Lutheran Disaster Relief (LDR) to “bring God’s hope, healing and renewal to people whose lives have been disrupted by disasters in the United States and around the world.”      


To contribute to this month’s designated need, please mail your donations to our office or place them in our weekend collection plates by specifying "Gary Laabs Mission Trip" on your check or the “other” line of any of our weekly offering envelopes.   


Please remember that whenever a donation is made on the “other” line that does not have a written designation, it will automatically be given to the ministry fund designated for that month.

4th Bi-Annual Hanover Area Community Meal Packing Event  

Plans are currently underway for this event to be held in conjunction with Rise Against Hunger (, and we can all help!  Members from HACC congregations joined with others from the community to pack over 43,000 meals last year.  This year, the goal is even higher—to involve over 500 community volunteers to pack 100,000 meals during two packing sessions!  Tom Long has stepped forward to be our liaison for this event and will bring us registration and  more information soon.

Italian – Buon anno

German – Frohes Neues Jahr