We have a ton of awesome stuff going on at the church! Make sure you check the calendar for all the dates and times. Go to the Ministry pages for more information on our events. We are sure you will want to join!

If you have any questions about the events feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

July 02

2pm Bingo at Utz Terrace

July 03

10am Adult Coloring Group

12:30pm Breastfeeding Support Group

6-9pm Reiki Group

July 04

Church Office Closed

  Happy 4th of July

July 05

8:30am UPMC-CPI - Subject to Cancellation

9am Sewing Group

3pm Evangelism Comm. Mtg.

6pm St. Mark Eats at C&D

July 06

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

July 10

7:00pm Property Comm. Meeteing

July 12

9am Sewing Group

July 13

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

July 16

7pm Finance Mtg.

July 19

8:30am UPMC-CPI - Subject to Cancellation

9am Sewing Group

5:30 pm Fellowship Comm. Mtg.

July 20

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

July 21

6:30pm Movie Night in the Parlor

    “Mom’s Night Out”

July 23

Vacation Bible School Begins

July 24


7pm Congregational Council Mtg.

July 25

VBS Continues

1pm Greater Hanover Healthcare Comm. Mtg. in Parlor

July 26

VBS Continues

9am Sewing Group

6:30pm Drum Circles in Fellowship Hall

July 27

VBS Continues

10:30am-12Noon Bible Study

Weekly Events

Some activities at St. Mark occur regularly. Here is our current list of Weekly Events.

5:30pm Saturday

9:00am Sunday

9:00am Thursday

6-6:45pm Thursday

7-8:30pm Thursday

6:30-8pm 2nd & 4th Thursday

10:30am Friday


Spoken Worship Service

Traditional Worship Service

Sewing Group

TrebleBells Thursday

Trinity Choir Thursday

“Guiding Hearts”

Bible Study

Private Counseling

This Month's Main Events

Time After Pentecost Season

The time following Pentecost is known as the Time After Pentecost. It is sometimes called Ordinary Time. Here, Ordinary Time Time after Pentecost begins on the Monday following Pentecost and continues through Saturday afternoon before the first Sunday of Advent, some five to six months later, always including the entire months of July, August, September and October and most or all of June and November (some years include small portions of May and December). The last Sunday before Advent is celebrated as Christ the King Sunday. Sundays in this season are typically refered to as the 'n'th Sunday after Pentecost. 


The 23 to 28 Sundays after Pentecost are often used to focus on various aspects of the Faith, especially the mission of the church in the world. 


The sanctuary color for the season is dark green, although other shades of green are commonly used. Green has traditionally been associated with new life and growth. Even in Hebrew in the Old Testament, the same word for the color...

Also of Interest


What is FISH?

-- Calling All Parents and Calling All Youth --  

Our youth are a very important part of St. Mark!  We already have an awesome preschool for very young youth but we are now organizing a fun fellowship (“FISH”) for older youth -- one for grade school to middle school ages, and one for teenagers. 

Teens, we wound like your help and help from some of your friends including those not part of our congregation. We want a successful teen program. As we kick off, we want you to help us plan the program. Join us at the church (day and time is not yet determined) to talk about the program and how best to begin. What is the best method (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other) to tell you about our events and activities? Speaking of events and activities, tell us in what worthwhile and fun things are you and your friends interested. Sporting events, nature conservation, local actions to help our needy citizens, non-monetary educational assistance -- these are just some of the areas where you and your friends might have interest.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions, volunteering, you name it, we hope to hear from all of you. You just need to call the church office at 717-637-8904 or e-mail me at!

Summer Treats

Join us after our Sunday morning service for cookies, muffins, lemonade, and similar goodies.

To volunteer to provide those tasty treats, there is a sign-up ready for these weekly fellowship times during the summer. If we don’t have enough sign-ups we might have no goodies those weeks, and our fellowship time would be much lessened. [Insert sad face here]

So sign up soon. Please do your best to pick a date as soon as possible. Contact Barb Baublitz with any questions (717-637-9076). 

Helpers Wanted for Vacation Bible School


On July 23-27 from 9:00-11:30am is our Bible School 2018.

This year the theme is Shipwrecked—Rescued by Jesus


We are looking for volunteers to teach and help.  Contact Martha Lippy (717-637-8891) or our church office (717-637-8904), if you are available and interested in having fun with the youth of St. Mark and St. Paul on York Street!

Block Party

Our Block Party is set for Saturday afternoon, September 8, 2018 from 2:00-5:00pm. In addition to attending, if interested in helping before, during and/or after, contact Lynn Peterson or a member of the Evangelism Committee.  There will be food trucks, including ICE CREAM (Dairy Dan), live music, and entertainment.  Fire trucks will be on site for pictures with children, young and old.  There will be face-painting, games, treats, fun…this is big, folks, BIG! 

Due to the “BIG” nature of this event, the Evangelism Committee welcomes donations of any amount from any interested persons to assist with the cost.  Please make checks payable to “St. Mark Lutheran Church” and write “Block Party” on the memo line.  If making a cash donation, please note “Block Party” on the envelope.  Give or send donations to the church office or place them in the offering plate.  All sponsors will be recognized on a poster at the event (names only, of course).  Thank you very much for your continuing support!

Community Garden 


After our erratic weather, winter to summer to winter to spring to summer to spring, the gardening season is here. Tom Long, our resident gardening leader, plans to work on the garden every Sunday after worship and every Wednesday afternoon and he would love to have lots of helpers.  In the spirit of vegetable love, please plan to get dirty! To our FISH parents, please give Alison a call at 717-637-8904 or email the church office to jump in the wheelbarrow for, at least, the second Sundays of the months of July (the 8th) and August (the 12th). Tom will appreciate as many hands as he can have!

St. Mark Eats at Buon Appetito

August 07, 2018

Our next fun eating event is scheduled for Buon Appetito in Spring Grove on August 7th. In order for us to make an appropriate reservation, a sign-up sheet can be found in our narthex.  Car-pooling may be possible with enough interested drivers. 

The location for September 4th's event is TBD.

Sign-up sheets for these events are always posted on one of our narthex bulletin boards. Please do  your best to sign up as soon as possible because we will be doing our utmost to confirm our reservation two weeks in advance.

St. Mark Coloring Book Group

The Adult Coloring Group continues on Tuesdays, from 10:00am to 12:00 noon in the Bible Study/Sewing Room. Beginning in August, we will meet twice per month (except in Novembetr).

Click the link to go to the Evangelism Ministry's page where you will see the complete schedule.

Mark Your Calendars!

Heads up on a couple events for October. 

Blessing of the Pets is scheduled for Saturday, October 13th  

Hero Appreciation Sunday is scheduled for Sunday, October 14th.


(“be on the lookout” for you non-police lingo people) So be on the lookout for more information and posters!

Super Seniors Luncheon

On June 20th, our Social Ministry hosted our annual Super Senior Luncheon with delicious food and musical entertainment. The turnout was (wait for it...) Super  and the food was, too.


Check out the pictures below. A shout-out to Diana Weaver for providing them. 


to Our 2018 Graduates

On Sunday, June 10, we celebrated our graduates.

Bethany Zinn, daughter of Kimberly and Steve Zinn, graduated on May 10th, from Harrisburg Area Community College with high honors and received her Associate of Arts degree in Business Studies.  As she continues to be an active St. Mark-ian, we look forward to hearing of her post-graduate successes.

Gary L. Laabs, husband of Eileen Laabs, received his Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) in February from Western Governors University. As he continues his studies for his advanced degree, he is employed full time at UPMC Pinnacle in Hanover and is a dedicated St. Mark-ian through his choir participation and mission work.

Sunday Potluck Brunch

On Sunday, August 26, following morning worship, Fellowship Committee is hosting a potluck brunch.  Just come with an appetite and bring your favorite egg casserole, chicken dishes (which came first, ha ha), potato surprise, buttery muffins, or whatever you would like to share.  Sign up on the narthex bulletin board!

Did You Know?


Anyone may dedicate a Bulletin or Newsletter: Did you know that next to the flower chart on the bulletin board in the narthex, there is a sign-up sheet for newsletters (for $40.00) or bulletins (for $20.00) that can be donated in honor or memory of someone dear to you? Please sign up or contact the church office if interested at (717)637-8904.

Giant A+ School Rewards Program

If you are a Giant shopper, don’t forget to participate in the Giant A+ School Rewards Program to benefit our preschool.

This program does not cost you anything or take from your own bonus points, it is a separate program to help local schools like our preschool. The preschool ID # is 22783. 

You can sign up on-line at under “Savings and Rewards” by having your rewards card number handy, or call 1-888-814-4268, Option 1.  If you registered last year, you do NOT need to re-register.  Thank you!

Join Our Archiving Effort

The Archives Committee is interested in volunteers who might be willing to help organize and label current materials, type archival records into the computer, assist with creating an online resource for St. Mark and others.  Any time or talent that you might be willing to give is more than welcome.  Contact Martha Howells or Vivian Cullison for information.  Just think what you might learn about the history of Hanover and St. Mark!!!

Preschool News - 2018

   Another school year has come to an end for the preschool here at St. Mark.  It was a great year. We did lose Sandy Bowman, one of our Teacher Assistants, in the middle of the year, but we were able to find an excellent replacement in Stef Reid.  Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to Jean Grader, one of our 4’s Teachers, as she has retired to spend more time with her family.  She will be missed.  Miss Idonia Klunk will now be the 4’s Teacher along with being one of the 3’s Teacher Assistants.  I know she will do an outstanding job leading the 4’s class. 


   As a result of the retirement of Miss Jean, we needed to find a Teacher’s Aide for the 4’s classroom.  We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Hanover High School’s Senior Work release program to fill this position.  Senior, Destiny McKinsey will be our 4’s Teacher Aide this coming school year.  This will be an excellent opportunity to mentor someone who wants to work with children, and it will give us a different perspective in the classroom.  We are looking forward to a great year.


   Presently, both of our classes are full for next year.  It is wonderful that we will have full classes.


    The entire Preschool staff would like to thank everyone in the congregation for all their support this past school year.  With your help we were able to raise $533.26 for our scholarship fund through the Giant A+ program, and $729.60 (including a $30 donation) with our Joe Corbi Sale.  We raised $359.97 with our GoFundMe fundraiser and $469.90 with our Santa Letter Fundraiser. With the help of that money, we were able to purchase some much-needed items for the preschool including a portable backpack/coat rack, a mailbox organizer for the 4’s class, an I-pad, a basketball hoop, carpet for the 4’s class, 2 sandboxes, a tricycle, and 2 shelving units for our storage room. 


   In July the Preschool will be collecting donations for various supplies for the upcoming school year.  A list will be provided.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again for all of your support,

Allison Wentz, Director/3-Year-Old Teacher

St. Mark’s Monthly Offering for Designated Needs

St. Mark’s Monthly Offering for Designated Needs gives us an opportunity as a congregation to support specific domestic and international needs which are predetermined by our council each year. 

During July our designated need will be ELCA and Lower Susquehanna Lutheran Synod Capital Campaign and for August Hanover Area Council of Churches – Ruth’s Harvest. To contribute to either of these, please mail your donations to our office or place them in our weekend collection plates by specifying ELCA Capital Campaign (for July) and Ruth’s Harvest (for August) on your check or the other line of any of our weekly offering envelopes.   

Please remember that whenever a donation is made on the “other” line that does not have a written designation, it will automatically be given to the ministry fund designated for that month.

For Christmas it is White   (12 days)