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Easter Traditions in Other Countries

Australia                No rabbits here, companies make chocolate bilbies for Easter,

                                with proceeds benefiting the endangered animals.

Corfu, Greece       To welcome spring, people throw pots, pans and other

                                earthenware out of their windows, smashing them on the street.

Finland                  In this country, children dressed like witches with made-up faces

                               and scarves around their heads, carrying feathered willow twigs,

                               beg in the streets for chocolate eggs.

Haux, France        On Easter Monday, a giant omelet, made of 4500 eggs and

                                feeding 1000 people, is served up in the town's main square.

Hungary                On Easter Monday ("Ducking Monday"), boys playfully sprinkle

                                perfume or perfumed water on girls and ask for a kiss.

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