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What's Going On This Month

What's up at St. Mark Lutheran Church? In addition to our Saturday and Sunday services, choir, and hand bells, we've got some special things coming up. You can find more information about these 'happenings' on the Events page.

Our Hymns - A Little of the Backstory

The origins for some of the Hymns scheduled for this month are presented here. Some will be sung at one of our services. Others are suggestions to be sung as a personal 'Hymn Sing' on Sunday.

The Lord’s My Shepherd – Scottish Psalter

Scottish Bible in the seventeenth century often had psalms in meter printed after the book of Revelations. The metrical psalms were sung twice a day in most of the humble cottages of Scotland and so became more familiar to the people than the Bible text itself.


This text of the familiar Twenty-third Psalm comes from a metrical version by Francis Rous, a member of the British Parliament. He was dissatisfied with the accuracy of other psalm translations being used by the Puritans, some of which took liberties with the meaning to make the words rhyme. As you can see, this version is a faithful paraphrase of David’s original. Rous’s Psalter was widely used and authorized by the Westminster Assembly, which also created the Westminster Confession of Faith.

The One Year Book of Hymns

Christ the Lord is Risen Today – Charles Wesley (1707-1788)

The grave has been boasting of its power since Eden. But now it has finally met its match. It wraps Jesus up at the Cross and “forbids Him rise,” but our champion Jesus Christ, fought and won.  Where is your sting now, O Death? Christ has won the final victory.

We know that whatever boasting we do is not in ourselves, but in the power of Christ. He has won the victory, and now we’re just soaring where Christ has led. We bask in the benefits of the Cross, and we look past the grave to our heavenly reunion with Him. Alleluia!

One Year Book of Hymns

All things Bright and Beautiful – Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-1895)

When Cecil Alexander wanted to teach the poor children in her Sunday school class about the Apostles’ Creed, she wrote hymns for them to sing. She and her husband, William Alexander, a parish minister in Londonderry, Ireland, served in a rural area. She visited the poor families and gathered the children around her for instruction in the Bible, the catechism, and the creed. When she published a collection of her songs, almost all for children, she donated the profits to support disable children in her area.


“All Things Bright and Beautiful” was written to help children understand the phrase, “I believe in God the Father, Maker of Heaven and earth.” Often when we think of God the Creator, we consider the vast galaxies of space and the mighty billowing oceans, but this hymn, written for boys and girls, talks of little flowers with glowing colors, little birds with tiny wings, and purple-headed mountains, ripe fruits in the garden, and meadows where we play. God created these things, not only so we would marvel at His greatness, but also for us to enjoy. Make this a day to play in the goodness of God’s creation.

One Year Book of Hymns

Come, Let Us Rise with Christ – Charles Wesley (1707-1788)

This hymn was based on Colossians 3:1: “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.” One year at a Christian college this verse was posted on bulletin boards throughout the campus. On one board in the student center, known for its graffiti, one sophomoric student had scrawled under the verse, “Too Platonic.”


For all its disrespect, the comment had a shred of sense. Plato was the Greek philosopher who separated the physical from the mental, the life of our mundane world from the glorious ideals of the mind. Generations of followers tweaked this idea into an otherworldly attitude that considered the physical world (including human bodies) either insignificant or evil.

It’s true that some believers have misread Colossians 3:1 and other verses have become “so heavenly minded, they’re no earthly good.” But they’re missing the point. God loved this world so much He sent Jesus to de for it.

One Year Book of Hymns

Join the Fun

Make Wednesday night your music night

Consider joining one or both of these music ministries

with instrument and/or song.

A place in the choir...

We have revved up the old Victrola and start singing on a regular basis in the balcony or on the floor and occasionally ringing those bells and chimes. 

Don’t you want to be part of this incredible, fun ministry? It is our position that we present the word of the Lord in prayerful song to open the hearts, minds and ears of the congregation in order for them to receive the message of the day. We are just one instrument to deliver the good news of the love of Christ. The more instruments, the louder the band. The louder the band, the better they hear! 

Please consider joining us.  On Wednesdays, hand bells begin from 6pm-7pm and the Trinity Choir Choir from 7pm-8pm.

See Melinda or any member of the choirs for more information.  It could be the best hour or two you spend with us!

Stepping in the Light

​​​​​​​The Lord is in His Holy Temple