Other Ministries


This past year we were very succesful in getting the New Sign on the corner and refurbishing the old Sign on Charles Street, putting  a new slanted roof over the old flat roof section, and releveling and carpeting the main Willow Street Entranceway. Now in 2017 our goal include:

HVAC updating

Property Committee is working on getting the HVAC replacement scheduled. Additional work that is coming, is fixing some hallway windows, mulching and flowerbeds, outside stonework, replacement of urinal, and some fellowship hall tile replacements.

Additional Upcoming Work

  • fixing some hallway windows,
  • mulching and flowerbeds,
  • outside stonework,
  • replacement of urinal,
  • some fellowship hall tile replacements.

Want to Help Our Property Team?

We can use your assistance in the following areas. To sign up for one or more (your choice) activities, please contact the church office.

Garden Maintenance

Weeding FLower Beds & Ivy Beds


Spring or Fall Cleaning​​​​​​​ such as Rainspout and Downspout Cleaning and Washing Windows

Yard and grounds upkeep

Tree and Bush Trimming

Raking Leaves

Painting and Trimming Doorways and Classrooms

​​​​​​​Wood Working

Setting up tables and chairs for various events

Electrical work

​​​​​​​Plumbing work

Steam Cleaning Hallway Carpets

We also welcome those who want to serve on the property committee (to oversee general maintenance and plan for major projects i.e. roof repair and HVAC and such).

Finance Summary

The Financial Committee oversees the accounts and the assets of St. Mark. They meet every third Monday night at 7 pm to review the year to date accounts, make recommendations to council concerning investments and continually working on the yearly budget. The finances and the assets of the church take many people to oversee.  There are the: 

Treasurer: Susan O'Brien who oversees the accounts and budget, and reports to council and congregation.

Financial Secretary: Cara Lynn Clabaugh who oversees the bills and expenses.

Counting Group Leaders: John Martin and Barry Bittinger who oversees the contributions and donations coming into through offering.

Finance Manager: Jeff Kindschuh who maintains the smooth connection between the income and the expenses and any other issues that need addressed.

Finance Committee Chairperson: Shawn Yingling who runs the meetings that oversees all the  operations.

All members of the church are invited to attend or bring suggestions to the meetings as they see fit.