Other Ministries


Despite the committee being small, the building and grounds has great needs. There is a “member-to-do” list that continues to grow despite the committee’s efforts to tackle as much as possible. In the past year or so, we:

Put up the new sign. Repaired and updated the old sign, planting  memorial bushes at each end of the sign of the years of service by John Martin and Barry Bittinger, bushes have been trimmed, a flat roof has been slanted, flowers have been planted (we give thanks to Linda Bolin and Diana Weaver for planting this year’s geraniums and for Nancy Bittinger as she gardens the two urns at the front of the church.


While we had the exterior, doorway lights and tower lights put onto automatic dusk to dawn timers we also had the emergency lighting updated.


The John Deere tractor was serviced and repaired. A simple push mower was donated to get us through the summer. We have begun work on the HVAC replacement of our 60-year-old Boiler becoming more energy efficient and up to date (thanks to St. Paul McSherrystown donation and others who have donated.)


We have entered into stage three of the final wind chest and pipes to be added to the sanctuary organ (thanks to Mike Noble oversite and supporters). Over a few weeks, all the dripping faucets were fixed or replaced with new easy on and easy off faucets along with a new urinal in the hallway bathroom. 


A call is being made about doing the stonework needed to the outside step walls to make sure they are properly fixed. In addition, work has begun on refurbishing and replacing broken windows along the Allegheny side of office hallway (thanks to Bob Bish and Wally Rodenhaber). So as you can see with all your help there have been many things we have accomplished.



There is so much more still yet to do on and around this marvelous building. The Property Committee has put together this wish list so that everyone is aware of what still needs to be done and if there is anyone who would like to volunteer to oversee a fix, manage a plan of action or support financially a mending solution we would greatly appreciate it. Talk with Carol Reese or Susan Miller if interested in any of the following:

  • Fellowship water fountain needs worked on for overflowing occurrence and office water fountain needs work to stop rattling noises of compressor. Perhaps time to replace both water fountains.
  • Railings on steps by stage installed.
  • Semi-circle parking area recoated and sealed.
  • New outside basement door installed (especially once HVAC company finishes work).
  • Sand and paint metal railing outside basement doorway.
  • Hanging sign post on Allegheny street needs repainted and detailed.
  • Willow Street entrance sidewalk needs recoated to fix divots that are developing.
  • Loose tiles in Fellowship hall are in need of replacement. (Wally Rodenhaber is working on it as costs and time account for it)
  • Sanding and painting of metal work in tower by the bell and fixing of hatches on doors up to the bell tower. (Again Wally Rodenhaber is willing to work on as costs, time and conditions favor the work).
  • Despite used mower being donated recently,  that is working fine now (and we appreciate it), we do know that a new mower that has more engine power and is self-propelled will be needed in the long run.
  • Seat pads for the pews in the sanctuary. Kinda like the two cushions in back row currently – but in every pew.
  • Finally all other ideas anyone can think of or noticed that we may need.

Thanks again to all who work and support the continuing

efforts of the Property Committee.


Want to Help Our Property Team?

We can use your assistance in the following areas. To sign up for one or more (your choice) activities, please contact the church office.

Garden Maintenance

Weeding FLower Beds & Ivy Beds


Spring or Fall Cleaning​​​​​​​ such as Rainspout and Downspout Cleaning and Washing Windows

Yard and grounds upkeep

Tree and Bush Trimming

Raking Leaves

Painting and Trimming Doorways and Classrooms

​​​​​​​Wood Working

Setting up tables and chairs for various events

Electrical work

​​​​​​​Plumbing work

Steam Cleaning Hallway Carpets

We also welcome those who want to serve on the property committee (to oversee general maintenance and plan for major projects i.e. roof repair and HVAC and such).

Finance Summary

The Financial Committee oversees the accounts and the assets of St. Mark. They meet every third Monday night at 7 pm to review the year to date accounts, make recommendations to council concerning investments and continually working on the yearly budget. The finances and the assets of the church take many people to oversee.  There are the: 

Treasurer: Susan O'Brien who oversees the accounts and budget, and reports to council and congregation.

Financial Secretary: Cara Lynn Clabaugh who oversees the bills and expenses.

Counting Group Leaders: John Martin and Barry Bittinger who oversees the contributions and donations coming into through offering.

Finance Manager: Jeff Kindschuh who maintains the smooth connection between the income and the expenses and any other issues that need addressed.

Finance Committee Chairperson: Shawn Yingling who runs the meetings that oversees all the  operations.

All members of the church are invited to attend or bring suggestions to the meetings as they see fit.


About the Archives Ministry

The Archives Ministry organizes and records the history of St. Mark. Our activities include filing and preserving church artifacts and documents as well as providing information for the congregation and others. We meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month to review existing St. Mark documents, photos, and other artifacts. Email the Archives team at: archivesstmarkhanover@yahoo.co

Interesting pieces from our efforts will appear on the About Us page.

The Archives Committee is interested in volunteers who might be willing to help organize and label current materials, type archival records into the computer, assist with creating an online resource for St. Mark and others.  Any time or talent that you might be willing to give is more than welcome.  Contact the church office for information. 

What We Are Currently Working On:

  • Recording bulletin information starting at 1913
  • Developing our data base format  
  • Confirming alphabetical files' contents using ELCA guidelines