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Fellowship Events 

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Call for details on the next training session

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Hospice Volunteering can make such a difference not only in the lives of those needing support, but also in your life!

SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care & Hospice is looking for caring individuals interested in serving our local community by becoming hospice volunteers. Their volunteers are part of the SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care & Hospice team and provide emotional support to clients and their families, relief to caregivers, and friendship at a time when companionship is needed most. All volunteers receive specialized training before assignment to client and families.

Volunteer training is FREE. For information on when the next training sessions are to be held, please contact their office located at 260 W. High Street, Gettysburg, PA. There is no area of SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care & Hospice where the expertise and enthusiasm of the volunteers is not a valuable asset.

Please consider becoming part of this very important and life changing ministry by calling their Volunteer Coordinator at 717-337-4469.

Fellowship Time

After our Sunday morning services

A wonderful opportunity for us to mingle with our members and guests each week. 

Visitors are welcome to come to St. Mark. Enjoy the service, hear a compelling message, and join us for conversation and treats & coffee. Until then, we've got coffee and cookies.

We are always looking for volunteers to serve; a sign-up sheet is posted in our office hallway for the current period. Please contact Barb Baublitz with any questions (phone number is shown below). 

A sign-up sheet for volunteers to set up, set out goodies, and clean up is posted in the office hallway

or anyone can contact Barb Baublitz to pick a date or answer any of your questions at 717-637-9076. 

Want to Participate in Our Fellowship Work?

We can use your volunteer help on our events.

More details of what each event needs can be found by contacting the church office.

You can join our Fellowship team for an upcoming activity or for more than one.

You don't have to join the committee to help.

You do not have to be a member of our congregation to help these worthy causes.

If you enjoy the work, you can participate in other activities.

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