Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism comes from the Greek words “evangelos”

meaning good, and “angelos” meaning messenger.

Being an evangelist means being Messengers of Good News.

What a wonderful calling!!!

Happening This Month

Coming Evangelism Events

Dates & Times of the Next 2017 Events

The St. Mark Evangelism Ministry conducts the following events regularly during the year. They are open

to both current St. Mark congregation members as well as to those in our community. We invite you to join

in the fun, to meet new people, and to share interesting conversation.

     Prayer Crosses


Evangelism Crosses: are available to be picked up and given out as a gift of faith and support from St. Mark Church. They can be found in a basket on the welcoming table in our bell-tower room outside the narthex. Please take one to give to someone in need of prayer, faith, or support. These crosses are made in the Holy Land from olive wood and are specially made to give away as a gift from God. Then remember to share with pastor how the giving of a cross has been a blessing in your journey of faith.

St. Mark Coloring Book Group

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - Free - 10:00am to 12:00 noon.

Bible Study/Sewing Classroom (come in Willow Street semi-circle door entrance). Everyone welcome. Bring your coloring supplies. Other Tuesday Coloring Dates: Dec. 5. 

Benefits of Coloring for Adults:

    *    Builds concentration

    *    Builds visual perception skills

    *    Relaxing/relieves stress

    *    Encourages creativity

    *    Develops fine eye-hand coordination

2017 CROP Walk

Held on Sunday, October 15, 2017  

Thanks to all who contributed and participated in the Crop Walk. A total of $2,251.00 was raised for Church World Services and for local needs such as PAL, New Hope, Ruth’s Harvest, God’s Meal Barrel. Walkers this year included Linda Bolin, Martha and Wayne Lippy, Nancy Sandruck, Diana Weaver, and the Zinn family.

Hobby/Collections Day

Postponed until 2018

Our Project for Growth of St. Mark ELC

To help our efforts to grow our congregation, we have contacted our Synod offices for tips about reaching out to youth and young adults. Charlie Roberts, the Synod’s Director of Youth, has volunteered some information and will work with us to find ways we can reach people of today. Trom those discussions, we will develop a plan to reach a larger group of folks in our neighborhood. We are also reaching out to Synod resources that are experts in using modern communications - websites, social media, etc., to reach people of all ages in our community.


The council voted to invite Charlie Roberts to come and do a Forum discussion after a church service for all those interested, as soon as it can be arranged. Look in your Sunday bulletin for information on this event.


We have also contacted Marsha Roscoe, the Synod's Director for Resource Ministries for suggestions on how we can help young parents teach their young children about Jesus and His message. 


We are working with Mr. Roberts to set a date for his initial visit with us. It looks like it will be sometime in the latter part of this summer.


If you have any ideas for attracting prospective new members to our congregation, please send them to the church office. You may print and use the handy Contact Us form.





We need folks who are interested in helping our church grow and attract families who want to hear and learn about the message of Jesus Christ.


You need not be member of our congregation, but if you want to join, that would be good, too.


We recognize that many people want to try something before they are comfortable returning to it. We agree. You do not need to commit to a lengthy term of assistance. You can join our event crew for a single event to try it out.

You can get started by joining us for Worship on Saturday evenings at 5:30pm or Sunday mornings at 9:00am.


If you prefer to attend an Evangelism Team meeting, we get together at 3:00pm on the first Thursday of each month.

This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob. Selah.