Children's Ministry


What's that you ask?


It's “Fun in Serving Him” 

Do you want to have fun?  Do you want to learn while having fun? 

Then FISH is for you and your friends, big fish and little fish!


While FISH will oFISHally start in September as our new Youth Group, why not cast out and reel in some summer fun now?  As summer heats up, we need to take a bite out of the Community Garden work—how would you like to learn about dirt, seeds, watering, bugs, harvesting, and all kinds of vegetables?

If you want to be a “FISH”, just ask your parents to drop us a line at the church office so we can HOOK you to the NET and make sure you don’t miss any of the fun!

Vacation Bible School

2019 VBS

Go to the Events page and the Christian Education Committee page for details on our recently completed VBS 2019.


Great Fun is always had at Summer's Vavation Bible School