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Bible People Pairs


Ty to untangle well-known Bible pairs of people in this unusual Bible word game. two names have been woven together in each line. can you separate them? You do not need to change the  order of any of the letters.


Example:  J O M  A S E R P H Y – Joseph & Mary


We recommend you copy the puzzle so you can write the answers in the spaces provided. We use the "Download the Puzzle" button below. It will download the puzzle as a ".pdf" file allowing you to open the file and print the puzzle.




1. A D E A V E M                                ____________________________


2. G O D A L V I A I T D H                ____________________________


3. B R O U T A H Z                            ____________________________


4. J E S A C A O U B                          ____________________________


5. S I P L A U A S L                            ____________________________


6. D E S L A I M S L O A N H           ____________________________


7. C A B A I E L N                              ____________________________


8.  A B S R A A H R A M A H            ____________________________


9.  M O A A S R E O N S                   ____________________________


10.  P A R I Q U I S C I L L A L A     ____________________________


11. M A M A R R T Y H A                  ____________________________


12. S A N A P A P N H I I R A A S    ____________________________


13. I S I S H A M A A E C L               ____________________________


14. R A C L E H E A L H                    ____________________________


15. C J O A S L H E U B A                 ____________________________